help babies won't sleep


My twine boys are 22 weeks today ... from 11 weeks they slept from 7 till 7 then at 15 weeks they started waking and showing signs for weaning so we have been weaning for about 6 weeks now the thing is instead of sleeping better they are getting worse they are waking atleast 2 or 3 times during the night and not always for food i have tried giving them more food but they are not big eaters and i must admit not taking to solids all that well i have tried longer naps and shorter naps during the day but nothing seems to work i don't no what else to do any ideas :\)


  • maybe they could be getting inbto sleep habits?do they know how to settle off to sleep by themselves or do they fall asleep whilst feeding?do they have a dummy at all?babies can start waking when going thru growth spurts too xxx
  • Agreed, Although harry was really good with sleeping, if he was having a growth spurt he'd wake up a few times. Have you tried either, giving them their tea nearer bedtime? I've found that when harry's at nursery they always feed him FAR too early - even at 3pm on occasion and he never sleeps through then, but if i feed him a good meal and make sure he has at least 6 of the 8oz bottle at bedtime, he'll sleep through.

    Also i am a great believer in controlled crying if its possible. Not everyone likes it and not all babies get on with it, but there is that and i think some of the other ladies on here have done the "put down" method - though i don't know a lot of that as CC worked so well for us!

  • My lo has never slept though the night, she is currently waking between 1 & 2am and 5 & 6am and is 23 weeks.

    I was wondering too if they know how tp settle themselves, when lo wakes and doesn't need feeding, her dummy works to help her re-settle.

    Unfortunately babies go through lots of growth spurts during thier first year, this could be one of them - I think someone told me ost of the 4th month is a growth spurt! If they are breastfed then growth spurts can be more noticable.
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