Advice please...(?2 much) sleep and amusement at 4 weeks old

Ok so Megan is 4 weeks on Thursday and we are baby led when she wants to feed which at the minute is 3.5-4 hourly but 5.5-6hourly overnight....she still takes anything from 100-150mls and hv said thats fine as last week when weighed she was up again to 9lbs 12oz and she is feeding at more or less the same times each day so im hopeful we will get into a routine at somepoint to be more organised...

We havent started going to any baby and toddler groups etc yet - i plan to go to the local one on thursday which im nervous about and then the further away ones next week when i can drive (havent been due to my stitches being all messed up and sore!) and im waiting for my baby massage appointments - anyway she still seems to sleep alot during the day and during her awake times i sing to her and read her stories - she hates her bouncey chair and i dont want her to be in moses basket all the time so i have her up and have bought some msuical/light up toys being delivered tomorrow but i feel like im a bad mum and like i should be doing more with her her...there is a park near us and every day we go for a big walk there buit she sleeps in a pram...due to my job my hv thinks i 'know; everything but its different when its your own and you worry about everything and i worry she is sleeping too much as i know she still needs alot of sleep but i feel like she is never awake...

using rough times as a guide....she will feed in the morning (say about 9am) we will be up over an hour by the time she is fed, nchanged, dressed and winded then she may have a half hour or so of awake time so go down in her moses basket about 10.30 she will then sleep til about 12.30 and wake for a feed at 1 - i try to keep her awake longer at thjs point and we go out (im hoping when i go out and about more she will be more awake and i worry its my fault as our 'routine' is sleeping and being stuck in the house doing nothing most days!) she might go down about 2.30 and we'll go for a walk and she'll sleep til 4.30 maybe then wake for a feed about 5ish...she will then settle again til about 8 when she is fed, and changed for bed etc (her feed times can be an hr or so out depening on whether she is 3.5 or 4 hourly between feeds) she then goes down for the night and is fed about midnight when we go to bed and thats been her til about 5.30 then her til 9am (as i said rough times that can be an hr or so out)

I think it works out about 18hrs when its written down and in which case is 'normal' still but i just wonder what the rest of your days are like?

Laura & Megan xx


  • she sounds just perfect to me as she is only 4 weeks old I wouldn't expect her to want to do anything but sleep lol dont knock it my ds1 was like this and ds2 was opposite NO SLEEP AT ALL suring the day unless on me I could barely leave to go and pee lol
  • Your days sound pretty good to me hon..DS is 12 weeks tomorrow and often sleeps that much too, and he goes 4-5 hours between feeds in the day and sleeps through now from about 8.30 till 8.30am with a dream feed when DH and I go to bed. Our day is normally 8.30am up and changed, 9am feed and he'll be asleep by 10.30, sometimes by 9.30! He then generally sleeps until about 12 and feeds at 1, and after that he's awake till about 3.30, sleeps till his feed at 5, another nap 6.30-7.30, bath, story, feed, bed. So that means about 16.5 hrs sleep a day for him, so you're doing really well!

    With regards to entertainment, Lucas is only just starting to show interest in toys etc, so don't worry that you're not doing enough, she'll just live being close right now and listening to you etc. Soon she'll start smiling and you will know how happy you make her!


  • Apparently a walk in the park is like a day at a theme park to a new baby. She needs no amusement whatsoever, just to be with you, watching you and being out in the park. Light up things, noisy toys etc are only good for a few minutes at a time otherwise she'll become overstimulated, enjoy this time where you need to do very little to amuse LO, she's just getting over being born!
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