Hi everyone

On Sunday I changed my baby over from C&G instant formula to C&G powdered milk. After his feed in the middle of the night he goes off to sleep but is very unsettled and moves about in his sleep and makes noises which keeps me awake until the morning.

This has happened since Sunday night and Im completely exhaused and puzzled as to why its happening at the same time every night. Do you think it is his system getting used to the different consistency of the milk? Since birth (2 Jan) he has only been having a poo every other day, do you think that this new milk that he is on needs him to poo more often and maybe he has a bit of belly ache in his sleep but not enough to wake him? He is fine during the day.

Any replies would be appreciated



  • C&G powder tends to have lots of bubbles in it when you shake it up. perhaps he needs winding a bit more before you put him down?
    i doubt its down to belly ache if he's ok in the day with the milk. essentially the milk is the same as the instant stuff, just the instant stuff is long-life (like UHT milk) so swapping between them both shouldnt affect his digestive system.
  • I agree the shaking may be causing more air bubbles in his feed so it could be windy pains. The milk is slightly different and he may just need a bit more time to adjust - could you try a bottle of instant tonight and see if he is better? Might not be the milk at all!
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