ahh millie doesnt want her bottle

shes just not bothered at all after 5 hours i will try her with it but she just coos and pushes it out the blows raspberrys and the milk goes eveywhere! she has the odd 3oz here and there in the day if i keep trying her with it had it in bouncy chair earlier! but wont take her full bottles all she wants is food eek. she loves it so much! and will eat the lot! shes having 2 meals a day at the min shes 19 weeks 2morrow. she still has alot when she first wakes up and in the middle of the night she has a feed and before bed. she is still having 22-25oz a day she does have a bit of a cold at the min and also has been teething so that may have something to do with it, what should i do? is this enough milk? oh also how often do u ever give ur baby a dessert? millie occassionaly after her dinner has either fruit i have pureed or baby rice bought from the shop.


  • I wouldn't worry too much. It's probably cos she has a cold & teething etc. I always know when Gabe's teething or getting poorly as he refuses his bottle - he loves it so much most of the time and cries for it every 4 hours! Gabe doesn't eat much solids. If he has 1/2 stage 1 jar or equivalent I will offer a pud (either yog, fruit puree or jar pud) but if he has 1/2 a stage 2 jar thats quite a lot so I dont offer it. xx
  • ment baby rice pudding she hates baby rice lol
  • ok so am i ok to offer her a dessert every day? i gave her a fromage frais 2day and she ate it all but shes not 6 months yet eek should i not give them to ther anymore? i heard diff things about giving dairy!
  • The little petit filous say they are suitable from 4 months so she will be fine. Bear in mind though that they are full of sugar!
  • yeh i wont be giving them every day lol
  • When Poppy was smaller I used to give her sugar free jelly! it was funny to watch her try to eat it!!
  • ooh cant wait to give millie that hehe
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