how to?

how can you get a baby to take more milk?

most days jessica will finish a 2oz bottle. not always in one go. she'll have 1oz then the rest maybe 30 mins later.

how can you make them take it all in one go? :\?


  • You can't! :lol: Sorry, bit of a crappy response but it's true.

    Is it because she keeps falling asleep, or does she genuinely not want any more? If she is falling asleep you can change her nappy to wake her up a bit or tickle her feet or neck to stimulate her sucking reflex.

    But if she is full then there's not much you can do and I'd try not to force her.

  • sometims its cause she does nod off but mostly i suppose because shes full.

    she was 5lb 6oz born. 3 days late
    shes 6 weeks old and weighs 7lb 7oz. gaining weight nicely so i suppose i should not worry.
  • She is so young and if she is gaining weight i wouldnt worry. Frankie only took an ounce at a time when she was tiny. After a growth spurt they usually up them a bit. If shes 6 weeks shes probably due one about now!!!
  • At birth Gabe took 2-3oz (born 9lb 1) and at 6 weeks maybe 6oz. But he was a big un with a bigger tummy - so you'd expect Jessica to take less. Just feed on demand, its the best way xx :\)
  • How often is she feeding like this ? Is it quite frequently or after 3-4hrs ? If it's quite frequent then she's just snacking and will only take more if she's hungrier. ie if you try to make her last longer between feeds so she'll be really hungry and take more. You could try going out in pram or in the car ot occupy her and try to stretch out the time between feeds. But if you don't mind feeding little and often then it's not a problem and she sounds like she's doing just fine. S x
  • Could you try larger teats- she could be tiring if the teats are too slow.
  • jason did the same thing but he was 8lb 14oz when he was born & on 4oz bottles n he took 2oz at a time, mainly coz he fell asleep then would wake up 30mins later wondering where it had gone! lol, still does them same now but with bigger bottles so we invested in a thermos bag for putting bottles in to keep them warm (we paid just under a tenner for ours), keeps it at a good temp for about two hours but wouldn't leave it any longer than that (it says 4 hours on the help sheet thing u get with it but i wouldn't trust it for that long)
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