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baby poo (tmi)

hi all,

was just wondering whether any of yr baby have done this...

my son Cole is a week old today but for the last 2 days everytime he farts he follows through, its really runny poo, mustard colour.

he hasnt had a proper poo for the 2 days either just the follow throughs, (hes breast fed)

am getting a little worried.

Rachael x


  • bf babes tend to have quite loose poo, oliver could go almost a week without then all of a sudden loads, if its yellow its fine but if it goes green could be a sign of dehydration/diorreah. xx
  • My lo mostly farts at the beginning of a poo. He's bottle fed but his poo is loose like a bf baby. As long as something is coming out then I wouldn't worry too much. Mention it to hv if you are worried though!
  • Hi Munchkin
    Dont worry this is normal for breastfed babies. My lo was forever farting and pooing, i was worried but my midwife said it was perfectly normal and he may even miss a day of pooing..... fat chance, i fed him myself for 5 weeks and he pood none stop, as long as your lo is gaining weight theres no worries and as Krist says, if it's yellow its ok, you'll find that it's very watery too????
  • hi
    thanx 4 that its put my mind at rest. at least hes not the only 1 with a farty bum!!!!
  • mines is like pure mustard lol but the midwife says that thats a good sign
  • my little boy is the same he is 6 weeks he also still has what looks like seeds in it does any one else have this?
  • just found a good info page for breast fed baby poo
  • oh thanx faithlouise. yea my lo looks like he got seeds in his poo aswell, wonder wot that is
  • had a look at that site faithlouise it was really helpful thanx hun its put my mind at rest, it says that they supposed to have `seedy poo????if they breast fed x
  • yeah i thought it was a good reasuring one my auntie is a mw and said that the seeds is something to do with the milk curdling in the babies tummy
  • I changed Lily's milk as her poo was always yellow and watery with lumps in it- was told this means that the milk isn't being digested properly and is curdling in their tummy. But it sounds like it's actually normal! She's always had funny poo though and she's bottlefed- now she's on c&g comfort and it's turned green! I'm very confused! It's gross having to talk about poo but how else do you know if it's normal?!
  • how old is yr lo lea77? i thought after bout 6/7 wks it went to a brown colour and no longer funky colours, i cant remember and my oldest only 3 lol
  • thats wot my lo does Donna M. it sprays everywhere lol!
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