What is your bedtime routine?

Hi Everybody,

Havent logged on for a while, hope everyone and babies are ok.

Just wondering, what is your bedtime routine for little one ?

My baby is 4 months old on Friday and our routine is to bath him then feed him then put him to bed. Problem is he gets very fussy after his bath and doesnt take his milk and rice very well and it takes me a while to get him to settle and take it.

He is a big baby ( was born big too ) which is why i like to feed him just before bed so he sleeps longer but his crying and fussing is getting on top of me and my partner as it lasts a while so wondering what is everyones routine for a bit of advice

Thanks girls x


  • Hi

    We use pretty much the same routine. Maiya is 12 weeks and from 6 weeks we've been doing bottle bath and bed. We varied it slightly a couple of weeks ago and we now do a split feed. we give her 2-3 ounces of milk before (6.30pm), then take her up to her nursery and put her winnie the pooh mobile on (only played at bath/bed time and I swear she knows what's coming when she hears the music!!), we then wash her face etc and then a hair wash (every other day) and then about a 10 minute bath. I then give her a 5 min massage in the semi dark, put her sleep suit on and pop her in grow bag. then either hubby or me will giver her another 4 ounces or so of milk and she's asleep by 7.30pm. she likes her milk nice and warm. is currently waking approx 2/2/30am for feed and then goes of until about 6/6.30am approx.

    i know other people find using a lightshow at bed time useful or swaddling.

    is he getting a nap in the afternoon?? i find maiya can be a bit grumpy going down if she's over-tired.

    not sure this is much help but I swear that the bath, bottle bed routine does work in the end image
  • Isaac is 16 weeks. We follow prety much the same routine. He is sometimes too tired for his bath and then we just put him straight to bed.

    He has been fussy recently after his bath while we get him dressed for bed. I had been thinking that he was either hungry or too tired, but the other day i gave him a massage in the afternoon and he was not happy when i was getting him dressed again. I got the feeling that he thought it was bedtime and wanted to stay up and play rather than go to bed.

    Are you giving him the rice and milk through a bottle? We tried this with lo, but, because we had to use a faster flow teat than he is used to, he didn't really get on with it - got very windy, i think, and was very difficult to settle.
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