cheese, butter and breakfast

hi ladies

my lo is nearly 9 months and i am trying to introduce more cheese.

which cheese do you use and haw do you get it into lo diet?

also what butter do you use?

and finally can you suggest some breakfasts? my son has ready brek but i want to give him something different



  • We use margerine as I don't like butter and mild cheddar or dairylea for cheese. We also use the cheese strings as the dairylea ones have too many things added and those are just plain cheese pretty much.

    We started adding melted cheese to foods he liked and then tried dairylea sandwiches. Lumps of cheese are also a good snack.

    Oscar has porridge, rice crispies, toast, english muffins or crumpets for breakfast. Or sometimes plain yoghurt with a fruit puree or chopped fruit.

    Hth xxx
  • I use Flora Buttery as it's enriched with Omegas 3 & 6.

    You can make cheese sauce for your lo using normal cheddar and add pasta or make a fish pie.
    I give my lo normal cheddar, mini Babybel, Dairylea Bites, Gouda.

    Other breakfasts you could try are Weetabix, rice crispies, cornflakes, shreddies, cheerios. Not sure how good your lo is with lumps, and everything will mush down with warm milk in case of choking.
  • I use lurpak lighter or the olive spreads such as bertolli or the supermarket own brands. Lily will eat any cheese really but I will buy her dairylea to have with breadsticks, and babybel as a good finger foods.

    Breakfast wise Lily loves porridge with a tiny bit of golden syrup and weetabix cereal wise. We also have mini scotch pancakes, crossiants or pan au chocolat, crumpets with jam and sometimes we will do her scrambled or boiled egg with
  • My DS is a cheese afficianado! He eats nearly every sort of cheese going at 11mths: cheddar (mild & mature), cheese strings, philadephia, mozzeralla balls, cheese triangles, edam, even a 3 cheese pasta sauce incl parmesan, gruyere and mascarpone!

    I think he takes after his parents, thankfully he hasn't discovered port to go with his cheeseboard selection! hehe
  • thanks ladies

    some great tips here

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