fao it must be love

woman where do you get your energy from,lol?Howcome you not in bed yet?With a baby and a bump?I can hardly keep my eyes open,and thats baby only!!!!!!!!1


  • :lol: I know some nights we don't go to bed till 3am (:lol: prob how I got in this position in the first place! :lolimage then I get up at 7am with Charlie! Think i'm worried i'll miss out on something fun! :lol: was dying to watch the new series of servivors as it was advertised on tell and there web site but can't seem to find it anywhere!

    How are you and your beautiful LO? Hope you can make it to the next meet up! must pull my finger out and organise something! Might even make a home made banoffee pie this time around! ;\) x
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