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What are your thoughts about white dresses and weddings??

I have been invited to a wedding at the end of the month and need to find a dress. I have seen a lovely one in monsoon...white with gold detaling at the neckline!! It is fab. But can you get away with it at a wedding?

The bride is wearing a coffee colour and her bridesmaids are wearing a deep brown/purple.

I am a bit unsure about whether it is acceptable, but then I havent been to a wedding since I was a child!!

Joanna x


  • I wouldnt if im being honest. I was really peeved at my mum who wore a white skirt and top to my cousins wedding because I seen it as cousin wore a latte colour too!

    In saying that though, im just a traditionalist and im thinking that if anyone wore white at my wedding id be peeved so thats my opinion. Do you know the person or are you a plus one? If you knew them id just ask if it were ok. you never know what some bridezillas come out with when theyre stressed!

    Im sorry if you think thats harsh, I dont mean it to be x
  • I think seeing as the bride is wearing coffee its prob ok, but I suppose it depends on the kind of person the bride is - is she likely to get annoyed about it? When I get married if I end up having a white dress I'd prob b a bit annoyed if some1 else turned up in a white dress! If you wear loads of bright accessories, a shrug or a shawl or something it might help it seem less white. It also depends on the style if its long and white that'd prob b considered a bit unacceptable x
  • I would! My MIL wore a white and black dress to my wedding, she looked amazing in it! Ask yourself this - does your dress look like a wedding dress a bride would wear? And would you mind if someone wore it to your wedding? If you're really unsure, ask the bride if she'd mind. I'm no expert though, I've only been to 4 weddings and the last one was my own!
  • I wouldn't I'm afraid!

    It would be so embarrassing if the Bride had bought a dress to change into for the reception and it was the same dress from Monsoon! Unlikely, I know, but that's the kinda thing I worry about!xx
  • Sorry I wouldn't either. I even asked one of my guests not to wear a white dress at my wedding as it was strapless and not unlike mine. Probably very bridezilla but it was just too similar. At the time I remember wishing I'd put something on the invite about white being reserved for the bride but I honestly never dreamt someone would do! I'd ask them if you know them well enough-not everyone is as picky as me! (To be fair it was my only hissy fit moment!)
  • personally i wouldnt anuty wore a white jacket to my wedding a it sticks out like a sore thumb in all our photos especailly seeing that im the only other person weasring an off white colour! but saying that a bright red dress one of our guess wore also does the same but she wasnt in many photos.
    personally i would ask your friend as she may not mind but if she does you can chose something else.
    ps can we see the dress???? i love shopping!!
  • To be honest I wasnt convinced it would be ok, but my mum said not to be silly! I shall go in search of others....only left my self two weeks, very clever!!! Any ideas of wear to look online....

    Joanna x

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  • omg that's GORGEOUS buy it anyway if you really don't want to wear it, I'm sure there's something else you could wear it to! x x x
  • wearing a white dress at a wedding is unacceptable. end of.

    my friend said before my wedding that she was going to wear a white dress, that was floor length, with a train and a head piece that was net, as she'd only worn it once and needed some more wear ut of it! :lol:
  • Joanna, what a lovely dress. I would definitely ask the bride as, depending on the style of the wedding, she might have a similar dress. If not, then go for it. I wouldn't have minded a guest of mine turning up in that dress, but I had a very formal long silk dress and there would have been no way anyone would have mixed me up with a guest on my wedding day, even one in white. image
  • that dress is gorgeous! Since its that lovely id deffo ask (maybe plead) haha x
  • Personally, I don't think that dress is in the slightest bit bridal, and in any case, the bride isn't even wearing white, so it's hardly fair to 'reserve' a colour she's not wearing. It would have been like me demanding nobody wear teal to my wedding as I was wearing ivory...

    I'd buy it. People would have to be pretty thick to be at a wedding and not be able to tell who the bride is; it's a lovely dress and I'm sure you'll look great!
  • Hi, the dress is absolutely gorgeous, but personally I wouldn't wear it to a wedding. Even if the bride was accepting of it, I would be a bit scared of people thinking I was trying to compete with the bride, (even though I know that's not what you're trying to do, sorry!)

    A friend of mine had both SILs (her hubby's sis, and her brother's gf) turn up to her wedding in white trouser suits, and I thought that was a bit off tbh. But in one photo they got their comeuppance because they look like bookends lol! xx
  • lol at the bookend comment haha!

    Its not just the bride could be someone like the brides gran or mother - y'know, the older 'traditionalists'

    Im always reminded of 'monster in law' with J-lo when her MIL2B turns up in a white skirt suit and she gets really upset. I suppose the issue of wearing white is more to do with the inlaws stating that they dont approve?
  • its not about not knowing who the bride is, wedding etiquette says it's unacceptabke, no matter how unbridal the dress is.
  • im sure the YAYW girls would have a field day with this topic hahaha X

    P.s Sorry not having a dig at you for thinking about wearing white and that dress IS gorg...and seeing as its not floor length its not like it would be mistaken for one. If it were my wedding id let you wear it but youd need to wear lots of accessories...maybe some chunky gold bangles and gladiator sandals? xx
  • My cousin got married 2 weeks ago and this was her dress the next day so might be possible the bride could also wear a white dress the next day. It is a gorgeous dress. I personally wouldn't care if anyone else had of wore white to my wedding but can't remember if they did, I would ask the bride if she would mind though if you know her well enough.
  • one of my friends wore white to mine. not at all bridal but still white! also, at my cousins wedding my neices mum wore a white version of the liz hurley safety pin dress, if you remember that! my cousin was NOT amused!!!
  • Gorgeous dress! If I had lovely arms and legs I'd be wearing it...

    For other places to look online, have you tried
  • You could try Boden - they've got dome lovely dresses similar in style to the one you like:

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