calling all Wirral girls!



  • oooo how exciting, yay!! x
  • rachel as u come off the a55 into chester u drive in on sealand road (if u come that way)if u want we could all meet in bromborough and follow me ...u say where i usually meet my freind in the mc donalds car park on the right as i drive in image ....jenny is jj over 9kg? if so jacks car seat is already fixed in the car so he can just go in that ....let me know guys would love to meet image .....oooh exiting beccie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • he's JUST over it a forward facing one? i dont think 6 month olds are allowed in forward facing ones are they? arghhh this car seat thing drives me mad, he's either too small or too big, there's nothing in between lol! x
  • if you were to be coming to bromborough lisa then may aswell just go to the pizza hut in brom, sorts out the car seat problems.

    oh update on me, arrow park hospital are a pile of wank! so much for them saying that they wont let me go past 41 weeks! i'm now booked in for when i'm 42 weeks. has another sweep and nothing has changed since thursday and it was so horrendous that i cant put myself through anymore even though they offered me another one on wed.

    they wanted to admit me to the wards so i could have a 'rest'. there would be no point in that other than making me more depressed being around women who has just had their babies or were in to be induced early.

    so another 9 days of grulling agony for me now.
    sorry, rant over!
  • ahhh i think though if he is over 9kg and doesnt fit in a small one he can go in a forward facing not sure though ,we could do pizza hut bromborough as beccie suggested if thats ok with everyone else??? it on the same park bit as mc donalds???

    beccie arrow park do sound crap bless u hun but really not long now xxxxxxx
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