Looking for a thread! Help!

Hi looking for thread that I saw not long ago on ways of getting rid of craddle cap! Anyone know where I can find it? If not does anyone know of the best ways of getting rid of it?



  • I don't know where the thread is, or how to search. However, Sophie had awful cradle cap. We first of all tried putting oil on her head before bead and then shampooing it off in the morning but that didn't get rid of it completely. I then tried the Dentinox cradle cap shampoo and it was gone within about 3 washes. I put oil on her head every day and it hasn't come back.

    Hope that helps a bit.

    Emily & Sophie (18 + 5)
  • i cant find it either but i posted on it,
    my advice (to have it gone in 5minutes) is to put a small blob of Oilatum straight onto the scalp and massage it in, leave it for 1-2 minutes and then rinse off, i then used a nit comb or other fine toothed comb and it all came completely off! it was amazing and revealed a mass of blond curls that had been under layers of horrid cradle cap!!
  • we used Dentinox and it was fab! cleared it up within days x
  • we used detonix for a while but it nothing for us so we started using a bit of baby oil before shampooing and conditioner afterwards and it cleared it right up.
  • I know the one you mean, it was only a week or so ago but I can't find it either. However I started one myself back in March and got loads of replies:


    I ended up using Dentinox every night for about two weeks. After a week or so the cap starting drying up and then I naughtily started picking the dry stuff off - once it was all gone it never came back. For a while afterwards we used dentinox about twice a week as a preventer but after a month or so we didn't bother anymore.

    So dentinox def worked for us, I know a lot of people are down on it but I do recommend it - you just have to persevere for a couple of weeks before you see real results.

    C image
  • You could do a search on google - put in cradle cap baby expert and then click on more results from baby expert and it should bring up all the old posts.

    HTH xx
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