Sterilising-am I being completely thick?

Just had a thought and now questioning how i've been doing things...

We have a steam steriliser (stays sterile up to 24hrs until opened) that seems to be going on about 20times a day!!
Every time i open it to get something out, it goes back on so everythings sterile next time we need something.
Should I/could I assemble all the bottles when it's oPened and keep them until we need them (within the same day)?

Want to do it the right way, but just wondering if Im making more work for myself?


  • Once I have sterilized my bottles I fill them with cooled boiled water and use within 24 hours. Have done this with both my kids and never had any problems. x
  • we do the same as tamara bell although keep them in the fridge we also make up the bottle and leave empty for if we have baby juice or a formula carton to put in it x
  • yeah once they are sterlised put them together and they are fine for 24 hrs xxx
  • I do the same as tamarabel done it with both my boys and never had a problem.
  • Thanks ladies, looks like my steriliser will be taking it easy now x
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