A question about sitting up?!

How long after being able to sit unsupported can babies actually get up to sitting themselves? Does that make sense?

My lo can now sit unaided but he can't actually get up to sitting himself and this really frustrates him and me and I just wondered how long it would be before he could do it all himself and I could stop positioning him!!!



  • evie was about 5month when she could sit unaided, and from about 6 an a half month could get into a sitting position on her own X
  • Hiya Max started sitting unaided at about 6 months. He's now 7 months and still can't get into a sitting position !

    Sorry not much help, is it?? :roll:
  • brooke started sitting up at 5 months but she cudnt get herself up till she cud roll over and she cudnt roll over till about 10 months... coz they need to roll over then on to knees to sit up they cant just use tummy muscles to pull themselves up! xx
  • well only know what fin did... always been very strong so could sit from about 4months but sat all on own at 5.5 months... saying this he's not doing other things soooo just prives every baby different! i would just keep putting lo on floor sitting up with something behind, i used big bean bag then cusions either side then toys all round - over about 4 weeks of doing this every day he was pulling himself up whilst trying to feed etc... in bath just wanted to sit so in bath hubby sat him with hand behind then realised he wasn't really supporting so let go and wella!!!

    just keep giving him lots of chances to sit and play and you'll find he just does it one day!!!

  • i thought the exact same question!
    at the moment jake is very wobbly sitting up, hes only just learned how to do it, he doesnt tend to fall backwards though, just to either side, so i put cushion towers behind him and at his sides so if he falls either way he can normally pull himself up off the cushion, and over time i will just take one cushion away so eventually he will just be able to do it from lying position (hopefully).
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