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Hi I was just wondering if anyone uses colief drops? I've done a search on here and there was no results! I've started using them in my lo bottles 2 days ago and it's been fine as she didnt need a night feed the night before last but last night she woke up twice and was screaming so wouldnt wait half hr for the drops to mix with feed so I fed her without the drops. However we've had a terrible day again today with her screaming through her feeds and being sick (as she did before we started using colief) and Im sure it's because of the 2 night feeds. I was wondering how I can give her night feeds with the drops already in? I dont know how happy I am about making up powder feeds in advance. Thanks x:\?


  • I struggle to remember what we did with our lo...we too made feeds up as required. I think that they say half an hour to allow it optimum time to work, it will still be effective, just not quite as if you give it before the half hour. What I can say is that if you look on the packet, there's a helpline number (think it's free phone too) I got through instantly and they were really helpful. You can call them any number of times too. Sorry I can't be of more use, but definitely recommend the helpline (may be on the info leaflet inside the box) Hth xx
  • If you prefer to make the feeds up as and when, maybe just for the night feeds you could make them up in advance?

    We followed the instructions and used 2 drops in the made up bottle, then put in the fridge until needed. HTH. xx
  • When I was using colief I used to keep boiled water in sterilised bottles, then as i needed them would add the formula, warm the milk and then add the colief, it really made a difference to my daughter for a while x
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