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Hi ladies,

Yes the dreaded "return to wok" time is coming for me and I am going back Full Time. I have just founf out I'm expecting again and am over the moon however was originally going to g back Part Time. I am now going back FT so my Maternity Pay is a bit better but obviously will only be back at work for around 15 weeks before going off again (they are gonna lovvveee me lol!).

I am going to put in a Flex request in order to arrange childcare etc. My question is if u dont mind me asking - what type of hours have any of u requsted and were these accepted?

Obviously this varies by employer but I dont want to submi something they deem "ridiculous"!!!

I was hoping to request Mn-Fri either 8-4 or 9-5.

I work in a medium sized office / call centre type job and my normal shifts vary between8-4, 9-5, 10-6 and 12-8 with normally every 3rd Saturday morning as well.

I know of other people who have set hours on flex orking requests in my office so am hoping this will be ok.

Plus they dont yet know I'm preggers but I think I will tell them with the request as I think they are more likely to approve it????

Any thoughts welcome! xxx


  • Are you sure they won't refuse it in order to try to get rid of you? I don't mean this horribly but we don't know your employers - some can be horrible!

    Good luck with the request, oh, and congratulations! x
  • check the government website there are a list of reasons for refusing your request which are hard for an employer to refuse eg: it would not be reasonable as you are the only one who can do your job, if you change your times there is no one at all that can do your job at that time blah blah AND if they do refuse you can appeal xx
  • hiya

    i was working full time for my employer for 2 years before i went on maternity leave, i requested part time and they did what they had to by law, but did as little as possible as i knew as soon as i asked they wernt going to let me, and of course in the end it was a no, so im now having to look for somthing else, which is very difficult, i requested 16-20 hours a week and wasnt fussy on days etc...hope things work out for you!

    ashy x
  • I work in a call centre and my employers will let you work any hours you want IF you work every Saturday, every other Saturday, or are willing to cover at least 2 lates a week. I dont know how wide spread deals like this are - I asked to do 8 - 2 Mon to Fri but got knocked back so ended up doing 8-2 3 days a week and 1-7 2 days as I couldnt work Saturdays as have no child care. I wouldnt tell the company that you are pregnant till you have sorted out your hours and been back a week or two. Hope you get what you want xx
  • Oh, I've just thought of something else, in my company you can change your hours if you are pregnant and what you are working is making you too tired. If you dont get what you want, you could ask them to change it 'temporarily' whilst your preggers and then by the time you have finished your next lot of mat leave things may have changed anyway!
  • Hi

    I have just gone through the flexible working process and I got refused and had to appeal, my work sounds very different from yours though, my advice would be give them different options but hold something back in case you have to appeal, make sure they follow the procedure regarding timescales etc keep a record of all dates you send them letters and they reply incase you have to appeal, I wouldn't tell them you are pg again they may use this against you. If you are in a union take a rep in to your meetings xxx

    Good luck and congrats xxx
  • congratualtions

    i am going through this at the mo, they can only refuse on certain grounds and they have to be valid, it sounds like a reasonable request to me, i just wanted to add too that i though you had to work 26 weeks before you could get maternity pay? i may be wrong buts it worth looking at your policy as you will only be back for 15 weeks x
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