What's YOUR middle names? & how did you get it?

Hiya Girls!

It's seems to be something alot of people are embarassed about lol and lots of us have given middle names to our little ones (which in turn they will feel the same about :lol: )

So girls go on what are you middle names & how did you get it?

Mine is Martina & although a HATE the name :lol: I LOVE how I got it!

My family are Irish Roman Catholics and my mum got pregnant with me out of 'wedlock'.. not a big thing by todays standards but my mum hide me (from family back home) untill I was 2 to ensure she could keep me!

During her pregnancy She prayed to St Martin EVERY night and asked that that I be born safe and well. St Martin is a black male Saint who is the patron of illegitimate children.. My mum was convinced that I was going to be a boy (all front!) and promised him that when I was born that if I was healthy she would name me after him!

Out I popped.. A little girl! A bit thrown lol and prefered another name for a little girl.. but she decided that she would keep her word.. & gave me Martina as a middle name!

I think it's a really sweet story!

now your turns...? Whose brave enough? :lol: xx


  • Ok, my middle name is Jane.

    I have no idea why, just because it "went" (Philippa Jane).

    How boring!

    Your story is lovely though. xx
  • i have been saddled with Rosalie- i used to get picked on at school, got called a gypsy all the time!!!

    For years my mum told me i was named after a model she knew. It was all LIES!!!! i was named after my real dads mum which is sooooo not exciting or glamourous
  • Oh I love the name Rosalie lol. My sisters name is Rosemary (middle name Rachel) and she hates it tho!
  • Great topic image

    Mine is Roseline after my grandmother, it is always mispronounced and should be said rose - lynn, but it always seems to be drug out to ross a line.... ugh!

  • Mine is Lesley. Always hated it
    It was chosen by my dad, mum chose my first name and he chose my middle name. For a while when I was younger my dad would try to call me Lesley, until I put my foot down.

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  • mines Valerian. my dad wanted to call me valerian chrystal but my mum refused, so they settled on chrystal valerian. i always liked it cos its a bit unusual, though people do think it's maleria when i 1st say it!
  • Mine is Karen and I have absolutely no idea where it came from.

    My Dh's is Geoffrey and he hates it - to make things worse I got a fit of the giggles saying it in the middle of our wedding vows lol
  • Lea Pea... Really? ...

    lol only messing hun! x
  • Mine is Marie. I don't know where I got it. I think it just went with my first name Louise.

    Lea Pea I believe you that you don't have a middle name. My friend is the same and no one ever believed her at school.
  • My sil doesn't have a middle name, but my oh (her older brother) does. She always thought that was really unfair so she used to make up a whole string of middle names for herself!
  • I don't really have a middle name as mine is double barreled.
    I was going to be called Kelly-ann when born but just before I came along a Kelly started work with my mum and she didn't like her so that went out the window. The day I was born my God-father came in a started a song "Kerry, Kerry Anna went sailing across the Irish sea" I don't know the rest or ever heard it since I was a baby, but that is how I got my name.

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • Mine are awful. Lucy Ellen May. Ellen is my Grans middle name - but what she was called, and May is my other Grans middle name. x
  • My middle name is Dawn. I was born in Swaziland in Africa and my mum had me just as the morning sun was coming over the horizon and she could see it from her hospital window. She was going to call me the Swazi for dawn but didn't find out what it was in time! Shame really as I could have had a really unusual middle name otherwise!

    Apparently there was a pond outside her hospital room and as the sun hit it all the Bullfrogs started croaking and really disturbed Mum! Thank goodness the dawn sun was so pretty or my name might have been Bullfrog! :P
  • i dont have a middle name and neither does my sister but my brother does which i always thought was unfair. I always wanted one so i used to pretend it was marie when i was little. I have no idea why or where i got marie from!
  • Well mine is Louise,as in Sarah Louise!very orginal eh?lol...
    Benjamin doesnt have a middle name,simply because couldnt decide on one so didnt bother!
    If and When i have a baby girl i would like to give her my mothers name as her middle name just because i think its a nice thing to do and my mum is the best lol...trouble is my mums name is....WINNIEFRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol
  • Mine is Louise, simply because my parent's liked it!

    Gemma x
  • lol I never likedf my for name Natalie! so used to tell people I was called Caroline! god knows where I got THAT from!! but I quite like my name now.. lol as long as it's not shorterned! x
  • My nan's name is Leonorah, so I got a varient of that which Leoni. I much perfer my name to my nan's.
  • My middle name is Elizabeth no idea why!! Erin's middle name is Emma because mine and pauls sisters are called Emma so we pleased both sides of the family!! lol.
  • Mine is lauren after the 1940's actress and model lauren bacall. My sisters middle name is lois fter lois lane ( i assume superman was on the up at the time lol xxx
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