for those that use birth to potty nappies

at what weight di you go full size?


  • I can't remember Lily's weight but I remember she was looking uncomfortable and so I opened them up to the bigger size...also found I wasn't changing her as often once I put the larger insert in. I have bumgenius nappies. x
  • Would love to know this too... I moved Lucas up to the middle size about 4 weeks ago, but they already seem a little on the small size chance these are gonna last for another 6 months even! Then what will I do???
  • we use both liners, he is nearly 7 months and prob about 18+lbs,
  • Oh dear!!! Lucas is only 3 months and us just under 17lbs now!
  • Wll Luke is on the last knotch has been for about 6 weeks and I use both inserts, can't see how they will last another year, they are bumgienus, he is 19lb 6oz at nearly 11 months.
  • I put Cam in straight at the biggest setting of the bumgenius but he was 20lb 2oz at 28 weeks. xx
  • i had my daughter (15 and half months) in a wonderoo birth to potty nappy today and she is 28lb so dont worry ladies, you've got pleny of time yet
  • my lo is 12 1/2 months and is about 11.5kg (sorry dont know how many lb's...but big!!!) I use the Pop - In nappies and Tots Bots Stretch and we went up to the biggest size at about 7/8 months. I too was like you guys and thinking that there was no way these were going to be birth to potty!

    However he's been walking for about 7/8 weeks and in the last few weeks we have been having leaks, especially at nighttime so I've put him back down a size and the leaks have stopped! his legs and tummy have really trimmed down since being more active and I can easily see them lasting. The only problem I have now is that he can easily undo his nappy with the velcro tabs!!!
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