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hi girls

just wondering, when you put your lo to bed how many times do they wake aprox?

grace wakes loads for dummy and sometimes for more milk up to a few hours after i have put her down and its hard to relax.

she has sma white thru the day and since monday i have been trying cow and gate goodnight milk before bed but she still has disturbed sleep



  • millie is 19 weeks and wakes usually once for a feed but 2night she was wide awake cooing to herself and rolling over at 10pm! although 10 mins later shes gone back to sleep lol x
  • Aoife has slept through since about 6 weeks (she's 23 weeks now). She doesn't have a dummy so I don't need to worry about that. Occasionally she will wake up in the night but I usually leave her as she'll soothe herself back to sleep, I only get up to her if she starts to cry which is very rare!
  • using iff milks cos sma dont do a night time one, thought i would give it a go.

    she is sleeping thru really she just has me up and down for about 2 hours after she goes to bed, its a nightmare

  • please somebody correct me if i'm wrong - but it's not reccomended to use wo different brands of milk hun as it can play havoc with their digestive systems, it's best just to stick to the one brand X
  • Zacky has slept through from around 3 months, he didnt even mind being left alone to settle himself to sleep. We had a bit of a rocky patch just before xmas when he would not settle until between 1.30-2am (he was being put down at 9pm). It was a nightmare as we were up and down to him, I refused to let OH bring him back down stairs and he would eventually just sleep from exhaustion. Not a good place to be even if that meant he was sleeping through til noon. At new year we finally had enough and moved him to his cot in his own room (was just over 7 mths). At nearly 8moths now he is back to sleeping from 9-9.30pm til 9am. May have to go up to him anout 10.30pm to find his dummy for him, but that is it.

    Things it took to crack his sleeping probs from before xmas include:

    His own bed in his own room,
    a couple extra dummys in his cot in case cant find the one he went to bed with,
    and one of those whinnie the pooh lullaby bears where you can set it to play for 25 mins (usually just enough time for him to settle)..

  • it does say on the goodnight milk that its ok to use with your normal milk

  • Louise has finally at 6 months started to sleep through the night!!!! We moved her into her own room which helped but also my dh would go to her to settle her to get her out of the habit for waking for a mummy cuddle and feed.

    She's weaned herself off her dummy. My dh might go to her once or twice but for the last 2 nights she's settled at bedtime (8-8.30) and not cried for a feed till 6am!
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