quick catch up!

Hi all, ive not been on for a while with moving house etc, just thought i'd let you all know how we are, max is now 6 months old on 3 meals a day, has 2 bottom tetth! and does not sleep through still!!!! he is up between 1-3times a night!! loves his jumperoo! and now weighs a massive 23.5LBS!!lewis and jack are doing good too adjusting to the new house well! write back let me know how you and your little ones are doing regards sara and kids xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • hi sara glad u r all doing well and the boys have settled ...my jack was a terrible sleeper its hard work isnt it ...he isnt much better now still gets in with us in the night ,sophia however is a fab sleeper only waking once between 9 and 6 ....xxxxxx
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