Christening Dress - opinions plz

Seen this dress on ebay. What do you think of it? Does the jacket look ok? Not too old fashioned?

OH doesn't want me to buy it cos he says I'll see another as christening not until September. I don't want to let it go then not see another I Iike!!|66:2|65:12|39:1|240:1318

Thanks ladies xx


  • lovely hun, i would get it the price is fab
  • Thanks. I think it would really suit Charlotte - just have to convince my oh (who has no dress sense whatsoever)!! lol!
  • Its so pretty, I cant belive how cheap it is, christening outfits are so expensive in the shops I love ebay!!

    I would get it what do men know?? xx
  • aww its gorgeous!! i would buy it, even if you did find another one that you liked better you could always put that one back on ebay. xxx
  • E-mailed a pic to my mil and she loved it as well so will buy it later on today. Charlotte will be nearly 20 months when the christeing takes place but 12-18mnths should be fine as most of you know she's a lil' un!!
  • I think its really beautiful. Yes, slightly old fashioned, but it makes it even more beautiful. Charlotte is going to be the belle of the ball! Fingers crossed she doesn't suddenly grow too much! xxx
  • The dress has now been purchased!

    Charlotte had better not have any major growth spurts in the next 5 months :roll: (well she's never had one yet anyway)!

    I know I'm early buying it but so beautiful I had to buy it now.

    Now I need to get tights, shoes & an alice band. Seen some more lovely things on ebay but came off before i spent a fortune.

    So excited now.....woohoo!
  • Meant to reply last night! You've made a fab choice, well I would say that - it's the dress and jacket we had for Rhianna! We had it in white. She was 11.5 months when christened and wore it in 6-9 months, she is a tiddler too image

    It is very well made and fitted beautifully, we had loads of comments and it looked lovely in the photos.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!! xxx
  • That's fantastic - thanks for posting that Sezbo. Made me even more happier xxxx
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