Refusing all bottles in the day??

This has been going on for two days now.

Summer has just got over a horrible cough and is fine now, but last week wouldn't touch her solids and only had a little milk.
Well now she is eating really well so not worried about that atall, but for some reason she is refusing all milk feeds in the day! She drinks 7oz at bedtime and a whole bottle in the night too (about 3am) but thats it. Is she still getting enough? I have been offering her bottles when she is hungry and when she refuses I add as much as I can to her food but theres only so much you can add before it goes too runny lol. I have also been giving her cheese with most meals and lots of yogurts but will this make up for the loss of vitamins she needs?

Sorry about the essay lol, just a bit worried.

Thanks for advice girls!


  • hi faith

    how old is Summer?

    as long as she is getting fluids, i wouldnt be too concerned about her milk intake is she is eating ok, especially as you are giving her other dairy!!

    you will probably find she'll pick up her milk again soon!
  • Hiya, sorry she is 7 months. Thanks hun I really hope she does!xx
  • i think she'll be fine!!

    is she managing to sleep through now she isnt having that 3am bottle? if she is, at least that is a bonus!!!

    just keep offering it her for now (is she on 2-3 bottles a day?), and she'll either re-start, or just stop! it isnt unusual for babies to go off milk when they are weaned - or if they have just been ill!

    glad she is better tho'!
  • Hehe, I wish she was sleeping through! I meant she is only having her bedtime one and 3 am one at the mo, she usually has 3 in the day doo. Maybe you're right and she is just cutting it out as she just took 5 oz which is a bonus!!xxx
  • hmm, i think she def ready to drop them!! i think all mine were only on breakfast, mid morning (before the sleep) and bedtime one at that age!

    what does it recommend on the back of the milk box? is it something like 7oz 3 x a day?

    unlucky about the 3am one!! can you get her to stop it - it is prob habit for her now, and she doesnt really need it.

    it may be a week or so of tantrums from her, but if you can put up with it.....

  • OMG you're right! I haven't checked the box for months lol. I really didn't realise they needed so little and I can't remember from first time round lol. It says 7oz 3 times a day so she will prob have her night time one, first thing one (as long as she cuts out the 3am one or she wont take it) and one midday. Thanks for that hun, looks like I'm woried over nothing and she was trying to tell me she didn't need it lol!xxx
  • that's the baby brain!! it hangs around for years!! :lol:

    glad you feel better about it now!

  • Hi, i'm sure she'll be absolutely fine, Jack did exactly the same when he was weaned, he's nearly 7 months now and he only has his morning and night feeds now, he has 9oz at each. During the day tho he's just not bothered at all.x
  • Should I change her to the next stage milk now then? She is still on cow and gate stage 1?xx
  • if she happy dont bother changing it!!

  • millie is 6 months now and doesnt have her morning bottle anymore unless she sleeps through then will have one at 6.30am but normally she wakes at 4am and then will not have another bottle til 11am ( when i offer her one as se doesnt cry for them anymore) she has brekki at 9am which she eats the lot. she has a bottle at 3pm and takes 4/5oz and then 6oz at 7pm. she doesnt take much at 11am but i worry if i dont offer her them in the day she wil wake even more at night?! she has about 20oz in 24 hours and is on 3 meals. i cant wait til shes 1 lol x
  • I think she will need a bit of time to get back to normal still. When Gabe is ill he won't touch formula or solids and it takes him ages (a good week after he seems recovered) to get used to it again.
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