Baby Rice


At what age can you start to feed baby rice to your LO?




  • 6 months is the recommended age but any time from 17 weeks minimum.

    I fed my lo at 16 weeks but he was very hungry. I wouldn't start any earlier than that but it is up to u! x
  • didn;t want to read and run but am just repeating Tiger Lily. 6 months is recomended by the government but the minimum is 17 weeks. I read that the 17 weeks is from your edd.
  • yeah i'd agree. My baby was hungry and milk wasn't doing it for him so on the advice of my aunty and mum, i gave him a tiny bit of rusk (about an eigth of a rusk) or rice mixed in lots and lots of his milk so its liquid every couple of days at about 10 weeks -i know really early so don't all shout at me - it was absolutely fine and seemed to settle him a bit. I gradually built it up and started to ween him at 4 months. He doesn't really like baby rice though - some babies don't. x
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