BLW- how long are your meal times?

Just as a matter of curiosity those who are BLW how long are your meal times?

It does depend what I give Dylan but lunch has just taken over an hour (to be fair it was bagels and salad) and I just wondered if everyone elses meal times can take that long? Shockingly if I give him mash it disappears quicker than I can eat mine :lol:



  • Hi there

    We are BLW - DD loves it and has taken to it like a duck to water and will now eat pretty much anything at the age of 8.5 months (black olives, hummous, sun dried tomatoes, thai chicken curry - you name it! And all with her fingers.

    Yep! Can take forever. Sometimes 15 minutes, sometimes an hour. Sometimes DD wolfs it all down, sometimes she picks at it over the course of the hour, then just as I think she's finished and I wipe her hands, she'll pick up another bit. Little monkey!

    She's now mastered her pincer grip and likes to take time practising picking up peas image.

    Although when it's realllllly messy, taking an hour is good as I can whip her upstairs and put her straight in the bath image
  • Lol I posted the same thing this morning!!!! xx
  • Usually about 45 mins to an hour. Sometimes much quicker (if it's tortellini only about 5 mins!) x
  • sorry Kelly I didn't see your post weould have saved me typing mine :lol:

    Dylan sits in his highchair ages at times he likes to take his time obviously :lol: carbs seem to take the longest vegatables are the quickest (his fave food is green veg!)
  • DS has taken up to an hour and a half before - and loved it ! Normally tho, its about half an hour to 45 minutes or so ...
  • I think Hannah might be a pig. She usually clears her tray within 30 minutes maximum. Often 15 mins if she likes something. She does get bored rather easily, and if she doesn't eat it straight away, she will dangle it over the edge of the highchair, or try and feed it to me instead image
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