Leapfrog Learn& groove musical table v Vtech 1st step walker


DD is fast approach 6 months and we need to update her toy box as I was feeling guilty today at the lack of toys she actually as!

I like the idea of the Leapfrog Learn and groove musical table and also the Vtech 1st step baby walker but was wondering if I need both? (I don't mind getting them both if they do completely different things but don't want to waste money getting them both if they do the same sort of thing if that makes sense!)

What are your experiences of them?

Also what other toys can you recommend for a 6 months plus baby. Niamh loves the Lamaze toys so also going to get her some new ones of these.

Niamh is really good at sitting up on her own so would also like toys she can play with sat up.

Catherine and Niamh (24 weeks today)


  • we have both and they are fab in differnt ways.

    In the asda baby event the learn and groove table is only ??15!

  • we have the learna dn groove actity station (as i got it for ??15 on ebay!) and also have the first steps walker.
    both are really good and well played with. Lizzie is also 6 months x
  • We've got both and the girls still play with them now (14 months old). TBH, when they were smaller, they preferred the walker (I used to unclip the activity panel and lay it on the floor). They were a bit scared of the L&G table at first (even though I took the legs off so they could reach it) but they love it now and cruise all the way round it
  • Thanks - will get both.

    And thanks for the tip about the L&G table being in the asda baby event x
  • we've got both too and they are quite different and LO is really enjoying them. I got both on ebay for ??10 and ??4 respectively.
    Also if you go to car boots they are everywhere! I went to one on Sunday and saw at least 5 v tech walkers! xx
  • we have the learn and groove i think...like a blue and white doughnut?! Sara loves it. we got ours 2nd hand too for ??10, they are everywhere 2nd hand.

    Toy shopping's great, think i might update Saras toy box tomorrow!
  • For toys for sitting up have you thought of a treasure basket? http://www.netmums.com/things/Treasure_baskets.1950/ Dylan loves his although it all goes in his mouth :lol:
  • Thanks so much for that Dylansmummy. I have heard lots about treasure baskets and was wondering what to include in one. I am defintely going to sort one out for Niamh x
  • Not a problem image Dylan has a musical one and a mixed one. I actually got musical instruments I must have lost my marbles :lol: but he loves making noise and to see him so happy its worth maracas and bells at 6am!

    Plus toys are very expensive and babies can be so picky that they can get wasted. A toothbrush is not as expensive if they don't like it but just as enjoyed if they do!

  • Was just going to say about the learning table being in the asda baby event - it's only available at asda living stores according to the pamphlet thingy I got through (from signing up to yet another mailing list!) x
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