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Sorry if this is tmi but has anyone lost their sex drive!?

Mine was ridiculously high before I got pregnant then started to wear off once bump started to show. Was hoping post baby might make me get it back a little bit but 5 months later I'm still so not interested!

I know it can be related to pnd and I'm pretty sure I haven't got that - just wondered if it anyone else feeling the same as everyone I know seems to have got their drive back pretty quick or not even lost it in the first place!!

(Poor hubby!)


  • Sorry, but no!image
  • i've not either! if anything my sex drive is higher than ever now! lol. sorry to not be of any help. xx
  • i aint got my sex drive back either my lo is 9 months now.. i getit back occasionally then it goes again.. my hubby has depression so he aint always in the mood either so between us we aint doing very well!! lol
  • mines gone completly too but also have pnd and it can be a side effect of the meds am on. It was really high before pg and during though. I want it back ha ha
  • Before pregnancy was pretty high, during was really low especially toward the end and now it is just average (lo 8 months) Definitely not like it used to be but not non existent. I find I have to make more of an effort now to be in the mood and always find that a glass or two of wine definitely helps :lol:
  • well we do manage once a week sometimes! So it's not non-existant but not the at least once a day we were used to before!

    Am thinking a glass of wine might help! Think it's also cos I get stressed very easily and find it hard to relax which is never a good way to get in the mood!

    Yes I want mine back too - does anyone think that it makes a difference if lo is not in your room anymore! Henry is only 21 weeks so not putting him away yet! But might be something to look forward to as so dreading him leaving our room!
  • I think it does make a difference having lo in your room. We've never done the deed whilst lo's been in our room (had to do it elsewhere lol) but they were all in their own room between 15 and 19week. I couldn't sleep for their noise!
    As for how many times....the drive may be there but 3 kids are also there too, wearing you out so much you're knackered once they're all in bed! He he!
  • we're in the process of moving now so I think I'll keep him in with us until we move as taking cotbed apart for the 60th time is not an option!!

    But I'm def looking forward to it now!

    Yeah I suppose wanting it and being too tired to do it could be as bad as not wanting it! Perhaps that's how I feel too thinking about it I do want it just can't be arsed!!
  • My LO is only 7 weeks so I know I'm earlier on (had a section tho) but we haven't had much luck. I only stopped bleeding (tmi) last week and since then my skin has all broken down down there and its all open and sore (and that was with a section) just from wearing pads for 6 weeks. So OH can't get near me for the pain...wish we could tho but I can't say my sex drive is as it used to be. Plus, how can you feel sexy when you've put on 2 stone and have a flabby belly covered in stretchmarks?
  • Agreed, Nicospoon! admittedly my sex drive is not as bad as i thought it would be - lo is 3months and i got it back relatively quickly - but poor oh wants "sex like we used to" (think what you like, ladiesimage ) but i'll be damned if i'm gonna display myself for him only to say something like "erm... can you put a top on?" lmao.

  • My sex drive was ok (not super high) before I got pregnant. When I was 9 weeks gone it disappeared entirely and hasn't really come back yet (lo is 7 months old). It's there every few week and then runs away again!
  • Just seen your post - I lost my sex drive soon after I found out I was pregnant. Plus my hubbie & I were a bit worried about it as I was pregnant (silly I know). The only time I felt quite "saucy"(!!) was a few days before I went into labour. I even texted my husband to tell him to come home (he works in London we live in the E Mids!!) Now we've got the baby I'm not that interested although we have tried about 3 times since she was born in Jan - I had stitches so it does hurt a bit, and I do admit I feel self-conscious of my body now although my husband can't seem to keep his hands off my breasts and I'm not even breast-feeding!! He's very patient though!
  • hi. mine has totally gone. i sometimes feel like it but not as often as before i had my 5 kids, think alot of it with me is tiredness as running after 5 kids takes all my time and energy.
    it does worry me sometimes but my hubby is very patient and understanding and every now and then we have to make the effort to have time together. it's a juggling act with 5!!!! lol. xxxx
  • mine has gone but im still make myself do it tho as im trying for baby no2, so least that still keeps hubby happy lol if it wasnt for the fact i was trying for another he would never get it, lol

  • Mine happened the other way round! I wasn't that bothered bout sex before pregnancy, during the pregnancy my sex drive went really high, then after birth it was and still is through the roof! lol :lol: xxx
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