Hair loss?

Hi ladies,

My little one will be 13 weeks on Thursday and over the past few days i have noticed some hair loss - on me!

i have always had really thick hair and although i have coloured it for years its still in pretty good condition - i dyed it back to my natural colour when i started ttc and then didnt colour it when pregnant - when my little one was 9 weeks i got some highlights (not as much colour as normal) and got it cut and it all seemed fine but over the past few days i have noticed random strands of hair coming away....its not like big clumps on the pillow or anything (touch wood it doesnt get like that) its more liek a few strands here and there but not just when im brushing or washing it....i am finding them on my clothes, on the sofa, on the floor, on LO and its a bit annoying - hubby says im casting more than my dog!

i was a bit worried about alopecia (bit of a hypochondriac lol) but i have read its fairly common following pregnancy so im hoping its not too bad and am glad i have thick hair - i just wondered if anyone else has experience of this and when it started (as i thought 3 months was a bit late for it?) how long it lasted for and how much hair you lost? also is there anything i can do to try and stop or slow down the hair loss?




  • I know a lot of the girls in BIJan '10 suffered the same, myself included. It's down to hormonal changes and apparently you don't lose as much hair when you're pregnant. The hair that you're losing is only what you would have lost, iyswim? Mine came out in little clumps, and I now have baby hair growing where it was. The hairdresser was pointing it all out last time I went (the shame!). I can't tell you how long it lasts, as I'm pregnant again & it seems to have slowed down. Not sure if it would still be happening now or not. Lo is 8 months & I'm 18 weeks pregnant. Hth xx
  • Hiya, Yup I had this start at 3 months almost exactly & its still going now (LO is 4months today). It seems like quite a lot to me! I am also finding them everywhere which is driving me mad!
    Don't know of any way to stop it though, so will be watching this with interest x
  • Hi hun,

    I posted exactly the same thing when my lo was about 12 weeks! Like you I have quite thick hair and it would come out in clumps! My dd is now 7 months and it is still coming out when i brush my hair - i actually have to remove the hair two or three times while brushing! It does seem to have slowed down slightly. I am really hoping it stops soon!

    I also now have greasy hair again! grr i loved my non-greasy pregnancy hair! :lol: xxx
  • My lo is nearly 8 months and my hair is still falling out loads, its so annoying its everywhere and i'm constantly finding it all over the place. I would say it is probably starting to slow down a bit now though. I've got pretty thick hair too so its not noticable to anyone else though.
  • My hair started coming out in clumps at 3-4 months and is only now starting to slow down a bit at 8 months. Completely normal but very frustrating!!
  • Hey

    I'm finding hair everywhere too! I have very fine hair but during pregnancy it become luscious and full and now its all falling out! I don't have any bald patches yet (or so my husband promises me) but at this rate I will be bald by 8 months! (lo is 11 weeks) I had my hair cut a little shorter so that if it did fall out the regrowth wouldn't be AS noticeable but I think i'm clutching at straws.

    Hope it slows down soon!
  • Thanks ladies,

    glad to know im not the only one...i had a panic as i've been feeling quite run down lately then i thought it was fairly common after pregnancy and it does seem to be the case with it starting around about 3 months....

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