whats ur 7.8.9 month old doing

just like another topic someone eles did...

jaydens sitting unaided, crawling and walking with babywalker and along funiture, he has 2 bottom teeth 0 top yet image he can say mama, mum and hiya.

he still wakes 3 times a night image


  • Jemimas 8.5mths.
    * sits, crawl, pulls self to standing on furniture and has taken a couple of steps along furniture.Also holds on one handed.
    *started to use the pincher grip, moves her arm up and down as though shes learning the first step of waving. Bangs her hand and objects repeatedly on table/floor.Passes things from hand to hand
    *2 bottom teeth, top teeth causing her pain last 2mths but havent shown up yet.
    *says mama, but amongst her babling not directly refering to me
    *stirs in the night, good night (thanks to bedhead!) has 1 feed in night wakes at 4-5am!!
    *slowly coming along with fingerfood, eating lumps in in meals. Uses a sippy cup (?) - the ones where the water comes out with out having to suck.
  • caitlin is 7 months
    sits unadied n plays with toys, zips around in her waker, pull her up, crawls- army n standard lol, babbles away says dadda loads mummum twice, hiya well sort of, waves, answers to her name has 2 bottom teeth 1 top one fighting to come through, rolls, eats finger foodst - But hates sleeping typical huh
  • evie is 9m and just started to sit unaided to play, did a little backward crawl but wasnt impressed with being on her tummy, she can do pat a cake (so cute) no teeth yet but im not in a rush to c em as im still breast feeding,lol
  • Gabe's 8.5 months and he goes quite far backwards in his walker, sits unaided, waves bye bye, plays boo by pulling a muslin over his face, waiting till u say "Where's he gone" and then pulling it off lol! He can say mama, mum mum, dada, nana, baba, he's quite a chatterbox really. He has 4 teeth, 2 bottom 2 top. Very cute! Eats 3 meals, lumps and finger foods and usually sleeps right through xx
  • cams 7 months he sits unaided, moves around by rolling and shuffling along the floor. has 2 bottom teeth, can take small things out of pots and can drop them back in again. bangs toys together and laughs when they make a noise! sleeps through most of the time, wakes for dummy occasionally.
  • Kyra's 7.5 sits unaided, plays with toys, crawls on her belly, plays peek-a-boo, babbles says dadadadaaaaa, eats finger food sitting in high chair, drinks from beaker herself, stands for ages while holding onto the chair, still wakes once or twice at night for a breast feed! xoxox
  • grace is just over 8mths,she can sit unaided but only came on a week ago!!lazy thing!!so now she sits and plays with toys,shakes rattles bangs things,claps when u say clap clap onto your hand.Rolls everywhere and shuffles backward and can turn sideways on tum to move round if u get me!!starting pushing up ont knees to crawl.Says dada,mama,mummum and hia.Has 2 bottom teeth and 2 top v nearky thru,1 peirced gum slightly 2day!eats for england,all lumps and finger foods,drinks water frm sippy cup,answers to her name,sleeps thru the night xxx
  • jayden has just turned 8months, he also his doing very well with finger foods, pretty much eat anything he can hold. but wont take to lumps in meals much.. trying to teach him how to wave lol, he also ansers to his name.. xx
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