FAO TigerLilly! x

Hiya love!

Just read your post about trying to get rid of warts.. apprently my OH had loads on his thumb when he was younger.. and his mum tried EVERYTHING to get rid of them! Some little old lady told her to rub raw onion on the EVERY day.. she though oh it wont work :roll: but i've tried EVERYTHING else! So she did! she used to call him and say 'time for your Onion' :lol: she said she had been doing it for two weeks, and called him one evening to do it again.. & when she Looked they were GONE!!

Now who knows if that's what it was that worked! but she didn't believe it, but now swears by it!

worth a go hey? nothing to loose lol just have smelly hands for a bit! & BECAREFUL lol not to rub your eyes after! xx :lol:


  • How strange! I wonder what makes it work - I think we only have frozen onions in! lol.

    My warts are on my thumb too but I used to have them on my palms too, how strange is that? xx
  • :L I don't think frozen will work lol it must be something to do with the juice of it I suspose? lol not sure how it works lol

    just asked OH about it again.. he said MAKE sure the warts not spilt or anything! & told me to tell you to 'make sure you take the skin off the onion' haha!! what are men like! huh!

    hope it helps!! That or YOUR OH will just think youv'e gone a bit strange!

    tell me how you get on? x
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