Any one used infacol?

hey all,

im thinking about giving my lo infacol before feeds. he is 6 weeks old and has suddenly started to find it difficult to bring up and pass wind. Last night he cried all night and was constantly straining. Im exhausted and not sure what to give him?

i have read about infacol? does it help? xxx


  • Hi i have given infacol in the passed to my lo's and it does help but you have to give it at every feed to get it to work proper. hope this helps.
    luv clare
  • as hes 6 weeks you could try gripe water this you can give after a feed as and when you need it, infacol needs to be giving before every feed to be effective and takes about a week x

    hth x.

  • Just to echo what mummy.2.5 said - I started using it nearly two weeks ago when my LO was 6 weeks. I do think it helps but as she says you need to give it at every feed because it has a cumulative effect. It will be a few feeds before you notice any difference so persevere even if you see no improvement at first!

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  • Hi, i used this with DD and will second what the others have said. once you're in the routine of using it with each feed you should see a difference. with us we used it for a good 2-3months and it got to a point where we could easily tell if we'd forgotten to give her the infacol as she get bad wind pains and get upset after feeing. that was proof it was working! X
  • infacol can work but you will not see results until 4 days onwards. But do use it before EVERY feed.

    You can also use infacol along side Gripe water!! xxx
  • I used infacol when my LO was having wind problems and I found that it did help loads.

    Hope it works for you.

  • Thanks so much! I have been out today and bought infacol and gripe water.

    I am going to gve infacol a try for a few days and see if it works.

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