anyone elses lo take random amounts at feeds ?

hey girls just wondered if anyone else lo takes loads or not alot at their feeds ? Tonight lo only took 1 ounce when he normally has 5 ! Im scared he wont last until his dream feed but he just wouldnt take any more milk xx


  • my dd is now 10months and still doesnt drink the same amount of milk ever! i guess thats why breastfeeding is handy as you cant tell amounts!
  • Hiya
    My ds is 9 weeks and is doing just that.
    his feeds are all over the place with times and amounts.
    i make up 7oz bottles as he often downs the lot.
    however some times just like you after i wind him he gives up and doesnt want anymore.
    strangely the night before last he took only one oz after his bath and slept until 6am the following day!! he must have had enough during the day i guess.
    im trying to just go with the flow and instead of stressing over everything (like i did with my dd) taking each day as it comes.
    hope this helps
    its good to know that my ds isnt the only one!
  • happy flump he is only 10 weeks but he did have symptoms of teething a few days ago so maybe he is an early developer ! He is a big boy he was 15 pounds when he was 8 weeks !! Thanks for your replys ladies xx
  • bean thomas yep same here he takes 7 most of the time ! And like you say i do stress about every single ounce he has , worrying he isnt having enough so wont sleep through - like you said ill try not to stress about it and trust him xx
  • Megan is a bit hit and miss still...

    she tends to take between 6 and 7oz each feed e.g about 190-200mls but other feeds she wants more and takes 8oz and other times she will stop after 5oz and not quite go to 6oz...

    i make 7oz bottles and if some is wasted its wasted but if she wants more i can quickly make another oz up as i always reboil kettle when making a feed just in case....its only a pain when we are out and i am using cartons as after teh 200mls she might want 20 or 30 more and you have to open a carton for that...

    she tends to feed about 7am and thats her til almost 11 so not quite the 4hrs she then feeds about 2.30, 5.30 and 8.30 and then goes down and thats her til he rmorning feed...she isnt the most settled sleeper though whihc im hoping improves...she wakes alot sometimes for a grumble or chat. sometimes for a random cry and sometimes if she is cold etc but right now she is going through a growth spurt again i think however, she has days where she will feed 4 hourly and only take 4oz at each feed...


    P.s Megan was 10 weeks yesterday and while early is deffo starting to teethe...she is drooling, blowing bubbles, sucking her mits/fingers frantically, has red sore cheeks and her gums are a bit rough and today they looked a bit white! I cant believe it and im not looking forward to havign an extra few months of it as last night i think she woke and gurned or cried every hour (despite not wanting a feed or needing her nappy changed) and i think she was sore - hoping tonight is a bit better - didnt expect it to start for at least another 4 or 5 weeks....
  • **double post sorry**

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