Pointless post but is anyone else...

...killing time until the dreamfeed? I would love to go to sleep *yawn*, but I last fed lo at 7.30 so is no good waking him until 11 (technically not a dreamfeed I suppose as I do actually wake him).

Question for those of you who have lo's who sleep through for 12 hours - how do you get their nappies to last that long? Ds's nappies are mega-full just from going 11-7 (we change it when we wake him for the dreamfeed). In fact this morning I found that his had leaked slighltly when we woke up. Do you go for the bigger size to make sure it is more absorbant??? My only problem is that he is 14 pounds and in size 3s and I don't think we can use size 4s until he is at least 15 pounds.


  • We find our lo is slightly damp in the mornings, but not soaked through or leaked. She gets a nappy at 7pm ish & doesn't get a new one till 8am when she wakes up. She is in size 3 nappies & is about 13lb. Don't have any tips on y she stays reasonable dry in the night.

    Jayne xx
  • Yep I used to feel like I was just killing time when we used to DF too, evenings felt very strange! Won't be forever though and you can head off to bed when you like (we stopped at 19 weeks)

    As for the nappies, don't forget he's having an extra bottle at 11pm which will result in more wee wees, if that makes sense??
    I just moved up a nappy size (don't worry about what weight they say) and put on lots of Sudocrem image xx
  • When my lo was younger I switched from pampers to asda own as the pampers kept leaking in the night. Maybe you could swith to another brand? You could try the bigger size. I wouldn't take any notice of the weights. If they don't fit you can always put them away for a few weeks.
  • Thanks - guess I'll try the size 4s once he starts going a little longer through the night. He's 19 weeks now but I'm a bit scared to drop the dreamfeed yet as he still takes 7-8 ounces so I think he still needs it. Maybe once he's weaned.
  • We use Pampers Size 4s (Adam is just over 17lbs) and they last from 6.30pm-7am. When we used size 3s we used to change him at 11ish as he would soak through them! The size 4s are full to bursting point by morning but we have not had any leaks yet! :\)

  • Thanks Cath - I think I have a box of size 4s stashed in a cupboard somewhere so will give it a couple of weeks and then try them (hopefully lo will be nearing 15lbs by then with the amount he's feeding at the moment).

    And I see what you meant in BIF about Adam having a growth spurt - 17 lbs!!!! Wasn't he 15 about 3 days ago??? That is a major growth spurt.
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