fao moonbean

Hey chick, did your wonder bottle arrive?? We had further success today, 4 oz given by daddy without so much as a grumble!! ( not even from daddy!!) Next step, a full feed, tho no idea how much that may be!!

Gemm x

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  • image got mine today and the same as with all the others although I am going to get daddy to try it tomorrow to see if it makes any difference.

    really glad you got success though is you lo 6 months old?? Im wondering when he gets a few weeks older will he magically take it?? Im almost sure I read that cocos wee one didnt take a bottle and then did at 6 months.... will this be the magic age for me lol lol

    I'll try him with it for a few feeds to see and if no go your welcome to the 50 drop ins I bought lol lol xx
  • Oh no!! My LO is just 5 months now, and im so chuffed he managed today again. The first time I put it in his mouth and he smiled at me and chewed on it for a few mins and generally played with it, then had a wee sook, then another then eventually he started drinking. Today tho he did the smiling thing and took it much faster.

    I think its the latex that has helped. I think its mam that do a latex teat, it this fails you could maybe try that. I def think its easier for them to latch on to them.

    Im keeping my fingers crossed!!

    Go baby moonbean!!!

    Gemm x
  • LOL mmmm he has favoured the mam bottles so far its the only bottle he has managed an ounce out of in two occassions, I have to agree I think the latex is nice and soft seems more squidgy or something??

    Honestly gem it would only be me with ds1 i had no milk and couldn't breastfeed so was devastated and with ds2 he won't stop bfing LOL LOL LOL hes a happy healthy wee man though so i'll not complain too much.

    operation bottle feed will continue in teh coming days and I will keep you updated lol xxx

    thanks for posting for me by the way xx
  • Moonbean, sorry to gatecrash, but thought you might be talking about bottles... Sadly it wasn't 6 months, but 8 months that Sam suddenly lost his bottle phobia, but I hadn't tried for quite a while beforehand. I don't think mixed feeding would have ever worked for Sam - it wasn't until I made the complete switch that he took a full feed.
    Good luck xx
  • nae probs, i was thinking about you earlier and wondering how you got on!! Maybe thats the answer, mam with latex teats.

    Ive never had this prob either, this is my 3rd and my other 2 had bottles no probs! I blame myself this time for not giving him enough early on. Prob cozx my last baby stopped breathing at 3 weeks when i was giving him ebm in a bottle!! Panic!! I was really cautious this time, but too over cautious!!

    Oh well, i might get to my wedding yet and im promising a girly night out to see sex and the city! (hopefully before it comes out on dvd!!)

    Gemm x
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