Most bizzare new baby behaviour

The very funny thread about sleep deprivation has got me thinking about the most ridiculous things we did when our babies actually arrived and here is mine

For the first two days and nights that we had Neve home from the hospital, we took it in turns to stay 'on duty' hovering over her in two hour shifts - even while she slept and throughout the nights in case she needed one of us! We must have been nuts - and sooo tired!!!!

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  • ah thats so sweet though!

    we wrote down (on random envelopes) everytime Joshua fed, slept and pooed untill the hv asked what all the envelopes were for and we looked around and they were everywhere, I look back now and remember being so paranoid that I would forget to feed a baby wont let you know when he needs to be fed :lol: I swear if oh wasnt so tired in the 1st week he would have probably put all the info onto a spread sheet :lol: xxx
  • lmao - I think I was completely crazy for the first 6 months, I remember having the baby blues a week or so after she was born and grizzling down the phone to my sister who was 5 months pregnant and also grizzling due to hormones!!
  • me too, I remember phoning my friend on the 4th day of being at home crying my eyes out, snot running out of my nose and probably dribbling saying how Joshua was chewing my nipples off and how breast feeding was the most unnatural thing in the world and that they must have given me the wrong baby cos he wasnt very good at it! I can look back now and laugh, thank god it only lasted a couple of weeks.

    Ooh another one- when Joshua was a day old i looked into his cot and thought i saw one of my hairs on his face I was so worried he had swallowed my hair that for the next month I wore my hair back in a pony tail!!!! x
  • Thank god its not just me!
  • lol I was so poor after I had Charlie when the MW (came for 3 weeks) asked me when he was last fed.. I used to look at her as if she were mad and say 'when he was hungry!' :lol:

    Oh when Charlie was two weeks old I held a massive BBQ for 50 poeple at my house dispite the fact i kept fainting from blood lose! how mental!!
  • I am completely guilty of the spread sheet. I had one both on the computer and on the large white board I'd bought for the purose (hangs head in shame)... only I can't admit to it just being a new baby thing... I did it all the way through her weaning... I was obsesive following the health federation guidlines for the exact amount of ever given vit and min necessary and tried to ensure she had enough of each... lol... luckily by the time I had a second I'd gotten a life. I remember the first I put her in her cot I woke up thinking it had all been a bad dream. I woke my husband up crying thinking we hadnt actually had the baby. hormones are awful.

  • The first few weeks... everytime Eoin slept, I would repeatedly chk he was breathing, either looking at his chest go up & down or putting my finger by his nostrils to feel for breath!!! Even at night I would wake up, bolt upright and lean in2 the cot to check, about 10 times a night!!!!
  • I must admit I didn't do any of these things! I just fed him when he was hungry and slept when he slept.

    I did spend ages playing with him though, shaking rattles and cuddly toys at him when he was only a few days/weeks old - like he cared - he just wanted to go to sleep lol, but I was terrified that if I didnt play with him early he wouldn't develop!

    Now he is 7 months and he plays on his own while I go on BE, xxlol x
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