I just had Dairylea on toast and it was sooooooo yummy!

Nathan is 8.5mths, does anyone know if he can have this or does he need to be a year old? I think he'd love it but am thinking he cant have soft cheese?



  • Hope it's okay as I have been giving my lo this since 7months...... she loves it, should be fine !
  • I love Marmite - now I know what I'm having for breakfast tommorrow!

  • i think it sould be fine, but if your worried just try him with a bit and see how he is after.
  • i was thinking of giving my lo dairylea next week in a sandwhich.
    i think it should be ok
  • i gave it to my lil man from 7months and hes now 19months old and he still loves it so i would say its fine xx
  • yes its fine daisy been having it since 6 nonths
  • cameron has it on sandwiches, he's 7 months
  • It's fine. Charlotte loves Dairylea and anything cheesy!
  • Yeah it's fine I think. I think its soft cheeses like brie you can't give Los, but dairylea is pasteurised so its ok.

    Gabe's been having it on sandwiches anyway and loves it.
  • I remember somebody posting this a while back and I was thinking oops I didnt even think about it. My lo deosnt appear to be too excited by it though!
  • I hope so as Louise is 6 months and loves it on toast, in sandwiches and on breadsticks!!!
  • Yeah, i actually use cream cheese (like philidelphia) loads for Callum and he's 8ths. i use it is sandwiches and sometimes as a bit of a quick cheese sauce with some steamed cauliflower or broccolli or a bit of pasta and ham with a bit of water. That and creme fraiche are great with veg etc when i have to make him something quickly and haven't got anything prepared which is often the case!!!
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