Why is she doing this?!

Evie is 8 months old today and has started really playing up at bedtime! She used to go to bed and sometimes cried for maybe 5 or 10 mins max then she'd sleep through. Now she just cries as soon as she goes in her cot and I mean proper bawling, it goes on for ages and I can't calm her down in the cot or her bedroom- yet as soon as I bring her down or into my room she stops crying right away and is happy and wanting to play! So eventually she goes back in cot and sleeps for an hour or 2 and then wakes up crying again and I can see how tired she is but she won't go back off.

Any ideas why she's doing this or any advice?

She could be teething but was never like this when the first 2 came through. Besides she's had teetha and calpol tonight and still won't sleep. She was well fed and had clean nappy and clean clothes on too so she wasn't hungry/uncomfy. She is going through a bit of a development leap at mo though, she's just learned to crawl and can now sit up from laying down and has been eating more grown up food- could this be unsettling her? Or is she just doing it because she wants to play?! Or could she be scared of her cot?

I don't remember this happening with my eldest! Hubby is still at work too so got no-one to talk to about it. I'd love to hear any thoughts or advice.



  • I read in my baby book that babies can start playing up once they get further on in their development. Once they've started to learn how to crawl, pull themselves up etc -they want to carry on even when they should be sleeping! It recommended to see if they are napping enough during the day, so they're not over-tired at night and won't settle well. Don't know if that helps.

    I have a similar problem. Both my girls have started rolling onto their fronts as soon as I put them to bed. They then get stuck and start crying. I have to put them back a few times before they finally give in.

  • Hi there,

    My little boy was like this all the way along (he started sleeping through at about 2 years old!).

    I know around 8 months babies are supposed to get 'separation anxiety' it could just be this. They realise that you are leaving them/have left them and don't want to let you go.

    It could be all sorts of different things...I hope you get to the bottom of it...

    Take care..xxx
  • Forllowing on from the last two posts... harry's done both of these! We've found him in allsorts of weird angles, with his legs through the bars, etc. all because he wanted to play, and on other occasions he'll be screaming and screaming until we're there. Especially if something has changed. Harry was like this with new curtains in his room! Lol xxxx
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