3 things you want to teach ur lo

mines are
1. to be respectful to others
2. to stand up for himself and what he belives in
3.to be loyal



  • 1: manners
    2: respect
    3: maths!! (haha! having a nightmare with this and my 7yr old at the moment!!)
  • ooh fab post can i gatecrash please :\)

    1: manners and respect
    2:to be able to look after himself(e.g be a fab hubby to someone one day)
    3:be ambitious , do whatever he wants to do when he grows up and not let anyone stand in his way image

  • Good post!

    1. To enjoy life
    2. Respect for themselves
    3. Respect and tolerance for others
  • 1. Manners and respect for everyone, regardless of who they are
    2. That you only get out what you put in, and that the world doesn't owe you a living
    3. Good grammar :lol:

  • 1. To really, really enjoy his youth ....but not to impregnate anyone in the process! :lol: "Don't be a fool, wrap your tool" as OH says (fine one to talk)

    2. To do what HE wants with his life, not what others tell him he should be doing! (I am a serious people pleaser and don't want him to turn out the same way.)

    3. To never ever leave mummy :lol:
  • 1) Manners and respect
    2) Confidence (without being arrogant)
    3) That you get out of life what you are prepared to put in.
  • 1. Manners, they don't cost anything you know!
    2. Respect
    3. Mummy is always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS right so don't argue cos resistance is futile!
  • 1) treat others how you wish to be treated
    2) be confident in your own abilities
    3) manners are a must!
  • Such a nice post :
    1) to care for her family and friends and dont take them for granted, and dont let others take her for granted to
    2) to live her life to the fullest every day
    3) to be a strong and caring young woman
  • 1. Self acceptance ( I want them to love themselves for who they are regardless of other peoples opinions
    2. Empathy and tolerance
    3. Loyalty / Truth

    It's tough to pick just three

  • 1. to be open to new ideas and make the most of every opportunity
    2. to treat others as he would like to be treated (includes good manners)
    3. that as long as he tries his best at whatever he does, that's all we expect

  • 1. Manners and respect for others/self
    2. To be happy with her self
    3. Always try her best
  • Oh yes can I add a fourth:

    4. Not to turn out like his father!!!!

    Mine are so much sillier than everyone else's. I was a teenager myself 6 months ago, so I try and remember that I did (and still do) ignore everything my parents tell me!
  • 1. That experiance is more valuable than material goods.
    2. To be objective, & not be a victim of circumstance, but use it to know that he can be better by learning from it!
    3. To love himself, respect himself and have vaule of himself! image
  • 1.Manners
    2.Too Live Each Day Too The Best She Can
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