Has anyone's lo had this bug?

Hi. James was sick after his lunch yesterday, and then after his tea and bedtime bottle. He has a dream feed, but I gave water instead, and he brought all that up too. He's fine in himself, has been a bit unsettled overnight, but he's teething. So is this one of the 48 hour bugs, and should I still try him with small amounts of food/milk? My advice to others is usually if they're still drinking, don't worry about food so much. But then have realised, trying him with either, is encouraging vomiting. :\( He has atrocious nappies at the moment, but max has been 3 a day, and as I say he's teething. Right, back to debating what I do about breakfast, have already skipped 7am milk! Thanks for your help. xx


  • Have you checked his temp?

    I think I would still offer water, and if he's fine in himself I would offer something really bland for breakfast too (dry toast perhaps? or banana?). Yes he might throw it up but it's important to keep his fluid intake up. Keep the amounts small as you're doing and hope for the best - I would just follow his lead, he'll let you know if he doesn't feel like eating no doubt image

    Poor little guy, I hope he gets better soon.

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  • My friend has suggested it might just be teeth, as it's only after meals/milk. Hope so. Will try him with milk in a bit. He's managed to keep down about 6oz water this morning. Thanks for your reply. xx
  • Been to the doctors, as he started vomiting not just after food. he has gastroenteritis. :cry: Poor little man. xx
  • oh bless him, my lo had this just before she was 2 and it was awful so i know how ur feeling. she ended up in hospital for 2nights with a tube in just to get fluids in her as she was so dehydrated, so jus make sure hes drinking plenty-dont worry about food to much, and if u do give food just stick to really dry things- toast, maybe a plain biscuit etc. have u any dioralyte for him to replace all the salts etc to stop him getting dehydrated. even after the s&d had stopped she really wasnt right for a good couple of weeks.hope hes feeling better soon. xxx
  • He's managing to take water, then bringing only some of it back. So he's managing to get some. I haven't any Dioralyte, but we're not at that stage yet.

    I tried dry toast at lunchtime, it came back a couple of hours later. :\( xx
  • Oh no, sorry mithical!!! That must be really hard to cope with, it's awful when our LOs are poorly. Sounds like you're doing everything right, let's hope it passes soon image
  • oh no poor little man - hope he feels better soon - keep us posted x x x
  • Thanks for your well wishes. He's managed to keep taking water, with only a little coming back, and he's had some breadstick. bless him, he must be starving! Will see how he goes overnight, and maybe try some milk in the morning. xx
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