taking millie back to the doctors!

i went 2 weeks ago as she had a cold and a cough well the cold is a bit better but the cough is still there even though she doesnt cough as much or bring up mucus she is coughing after i feed her and now is bringing her whole bottle up nearly every time. i worrying its something worse than a cough do u think its ok to wait til 2morrow? or should i ring an emergency doc to get some advice? ahhh sooo stressed!!! x x


  • If you are worried hun, I would call NHS direct. They will advise you on what you need to do and will make an appointment for you if you need to see an emergency dr xox
  • rang nhs they think its just a normal cough but refered to doc cos shes had it for 10 days doc rang and doesnt think its anything to worry about we could have took her to hosp but will just book her into docs 2morrow. shes fine in her self happy and very loud as always lol x
  • Great! good news it's nothing serious! Bless her, she'll be better soon! Enjoy mother's day hun xox
  • Amber has been the same hun, full of this never ending cold and being sick too. She is fine in herself though and the docs said it was nothing to worry about - yeah right!!! I always worry!! xxx Hope our girls get better soon!
  • Awww hope she gets better x
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