what do 14.5 mth olds understand

All I seem to say to my lo is no n don't do that.n she doesn't listen she laughs at me. What exactly do they understand at this age??


  • My lo is 15 months old, I'm very selective about what I say no to, he's so into everything that I'd just end up saying it all day otherwise! For example, I let him empty the nappy stacker or put my make up in the dirty laundry basket but when he's finished he then has to put the nappies back and retrieve my eyeshadows! He finds this just as much fun! He gets a no for pulling the leaves on my plant, he always smiles and laughs so I move him away and he then has a paddy-it'll sink in one day! I offer an explanation too-pulling the leaves hurts the plant.

    I think it's perfectly normal for then to find 'no' amusing, they'll understand one day though! I admit that I lost my temper once, I can't remember what over but I shouted 'no' and he burst out crying-i've never done it before or since but at least I know that if a situation was ever serious and he was in danger he'd stop x
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