Confused....bottles and beyond, please help!


My LO is 10 months now so my HV said I should wean him off bottles. He has a Tommee Tippee sippy cup when he has water or juice but tends to spill it everywhere when I try putting milk in it. I have also been giving him water in the Amadeus 360 but my HV said that is as bad as a bottle and I thought I was doing well. I just don't know what to do, what advice can you give me of your experiences of moving away from bottles and what you did?

All so confusing!


  • Personally, I'd do what works for you and ignore your HV, she sounds like a right interfering old bag.

    My DD had a bottle a day until she was three (milk only) and her teeth are perfect. As long as you aren't giving juice etc in teated bottles and you are maintaining good tooth hygiene, I would wean him away from bottle at a rate and in a way that suits you and him, not your HV.
  • Why should you stop??? What could be the reason for it? I agree HVs are often too 'by the book'.
  • This is an interesting thread because I'm so ultra paranoid that my 9 month old son still has bottles. He can use his doidy cup for water, but doesn't seem to have the patience to have his full milk feed from it. I hate feeding him when we're out and about because I've now had 3 separate comments about how he's too old for a bottle now, but we've been giving him a cup for about 3 months now and short of getting milk everywhere and not inside his tum, I just don't know what to do! Eek! So thanks for starting this thread Tinkerbell, I will be reading all the replies with interest and it's nice to see that a couple of other mums aren't in a hurry to ditch the bottles just yet.
  • Ooops, disappearing post, then double post! Mad BE! x

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  • I wont be getting rid of any bottles yet! Its currently my main way of getting fluid into them. They can use a beaker and will take a little juice out of it but they would never take a full milk feed. And at 10 months, why should they!?
  • The theory behind it is that they have to suck hard with a bottle and this can affect their teeth positioning, much as thumbs and dummies can cause teeth to splay out. My sister had a bottle till she was 3 and has the most perfect teeth, so I say, by all means keep trying to wean off the bottle, but screw the HV and others with their telling what feels right for you lovely!
  • Thanks for your replies girls. The HV meant well, I know that, she was also saying that it affects baby's speech development. I have thought about it so much and researched different bottles. I am still in a quandry so any other comments are most welcome. I want to move from the bottles now but do I go for a straw bottle, open cup (yikes!), anti-spill ones (have been told that valves are a no no by HV!!).

    I am really starting to fret about this now.............anyone?
  • my ds1 was off bottles during the day at about 8 months and kept a wee bedtime bottle until about a year we just used the tommy tippe cups the wee plain ones, I'm using these with ds2 as well although only as he wont take any sort of bottle at all and am weaning him off the breast, do whatever suits you and your lo as long as they are happy thats all that matters x
  • We're not at that stage yet (ds is only 19weeks) but when the time comes I will not be put under any pressure to get rid of the 21 year old sister has not touched milk since the day my mum took her bottle away! No cereal, tea, coffee!! Obviously not because it's not in a bottle now but she 'hates' milk so much she can't bring herself to
    Try it x
  • Thanks Moonbeam.

    We use the Tommee Tippee little sippy cups for water and my LO takes to them well as he does the Doidy but not for milk! He is 11 months now so I wondered what others do or is it really easy? I would like to get him off the bottles asap but trying to get it down him is difficult. We just give up!

    Still not sure about all of this or maybe I am agonising when I shouldn't. Its just when someone says something to you it can start you questioning things!
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