Does anyone have this cot??

Hi all

We have recently moved house and had to take the cotbed apart. Now I can't find the instructions anywhere to put it back together!! It is a Highgate cotbed that we got from babiesrus ( .

If anyone has one, is there any possibility you could scan and e-mail me the instructions??? We thought we could just figure it out but it is proving challenging!! Can't remember which side should be up on the base, whether we need to put the sides on first or the base etc etc.


Thanks for any help image


  • We have this cot but sorry no instructions,

    Hubby has found it difficult taking apart and putting together too.

    Could you not phone babiesrus and ask if they can put their hands on an instruction sheet and scan - email to you or photocopy it and you collect from the store?

  • Hey Charlotte, let me know if you can't get hold of them and I'll phone the store and get them to email you instructions. Is Toby in his travel cot? Hope he likes it!
  • Thanks guys, DH has finally worked it out (no help from me - I insisted that the base be wrong way up, lol!). Toby doesn't seem to remember it after two and a half months in his travel cot and apparently doesn't get that it is for SLEEPING in, not playing!!

    However he is now sleeping soundly in it...I'm desperately crossing my fingers that perhaps this might make some difference to his night waking!!

    Thanks again!!

    C image
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