tips for putting lo in own room.....

We want to put Louise in her own room this week while my dh is off and a few sleepless nights can be coped with! (few more i suppose as she's not slept well since xmas day....0

Any tips to help it go smoothly? She 5 1/2 months now.




  • I suppose the advice depends on whether she is already in her cot and if she is already settling herself?
    Cameron has been in his own room since about 10 weeks because he grew too big for his moses basket and we were all getting disturbed by each other. We put him in his moses basket in the cot for a week then straight into the cot. if she's in her cot in your room i would give her something to sleep with for a few nights, like a muslin or soft toy then put that in her cot with her so she has something familiar with her.
    Also cameron was settling himself before we moved him so we carried on with the same routine, bath, bottle, kiss and cuddle then in his cot awake with his muslin and he's usually asleep within 10-15 mins. if he cries we go in but if he whinges we leave him.

    main thing is dont worry to much, she might not stir at all, cam slept really well in his room and it made me wonder what i'd been strssing about!
    Lis x
  • Agreed. We foiund Harry was waking up more - although we lasted til 7months with it. Also just moved everything in one day so He could have a bit of a play in his "big boy room" and he also managed to have an afternoon nap in there no problem. Just try not to worry about them in there on their own - theyre probably sleeping better in there and not worrying about you!

    Happy days xxx
  • thanks,

    she is in her cot in our room at the moment and has been since 6 weeks. We did teach her to settle herself but it has all gone a bit wrong recently! We planned ages ago when she was settling herself to do it this week and think that even though she's not sleeping well now, it can only get better not worse!

    Oh, and I do change and dress her in her room, letting her play and have nappy off time in there so it should be a familier room!
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