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feeding routine for 6month olds+ can i see yours please!?

Hi all,

I've been weaning my lo since 4 and a half months. She is coming up to 6 months now. Yesterday we started on 3 meals a day but i'm not sure when to fit meals and milk feeds in. She gets up at half7 and we put her to bed at 8. what time does everyone feed/give milk to their lo's? i'd love to see some other routines. x image


  • Hi hun - long time no speak! Hope you and Annabel are well....

    So, if we have a normal-ish day we go something like this
    7am Breastfeed then breakfast, normally porridge with fruit puree mixed in, something like that.

    12.30-1ish lunch - start with breast feed, then carrot/apple/butternut/whatever Mummy remembers to defrost (!!!) then depending on what milk he's taken from me I might offer a bottle of milk.

    6-6.30ish dinner time, breast feed followed by more veg/fruit/rusks/whatever and another offer of bottle.

    7-7.30ish bedtime til (at the moment 5.30 bloody am!).

    Depending on his hunger and how much he moans, which isn't that often, I will sometimes offer something, be it me, or a snack at about 11am and 3.30ish but he's rarely hungry for it.

    Hope this all makes sense to you! Barnaby will be 6 months in 4 days time (noooooooooooooooo!!!!!).

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  • Hiya jennie, Ive been weaning Jayden since 13 weeks (very hungry boy!) We are on 3 meals a day and the day goes like so...

    7am: bottle, 8am: weetabix
    12noon: Savoury packet mix (now on 7month plus one!) and then usually fruit puree
    4pm dinner, depends on what ive got out, or made...or if totally lazy a jar! (now on stage 2) and dessert, usually petit filous x2!
    7pm bottle and bed
    hope this helps x
  • Hi Jennie, Ellie will be 6 months next week and this is her routine
    Breakfast 10.30am cereal and 5 ozs milk
    lunch 1.30 sausage and beans or something like that and 5ozs
    tea 4.30 a 8-9 oz bottle
    supper 7.30 whatever we are eating and a 5 oz bottle
    bed 10.30 and a 9 ozs bottle
    She also has another 9 oz bottle around 6am, she hasnt learned the concept of going through yet!
    This is only a rough guide, some days she gets 4 meals a day if she is haveing a growth spurt and her meals vary but that is the general rule so to speak. x
  • Thanks for the replies ladies! I feel a bit like i'm constantly feeding lo as i usually give her a milk feed then wait an hour for the solid so she isnt too full. I think i might cut this hour out then

    My lo's routine (which i think i need to revise!) is something like this:

    8am 6oz milk
    9am breakfast
    12.30 5oz milk
    13.30 lunch, water
    4pm 5oz milk
    5.30 dinner, water
    7.30 5oz milk

    she doesnt really take much water but i'm working on that! Do you all feed your lo milk 4 times a day? sorry so many questions!

    ps Hiya Tracey! I havent been on here for a while.. i must admit i've been a bit addicted to wedding planning sites as oh proposed back in Feb! Though i think i'll come back here again now (those weddingy sites get too many trolls!) x x

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  • I dont give my lo milk four times a day just twice as when they are on 3 meals a day they should only have between 18-21oz milk in 24hours. Obviously if thats spread out over four bottles then thats fine but jayden has 2x 9oz bottles. one in morning when he gets up and one before bed.
  • Hi

    Ruby is coming upto 7 months, her daily meal planner (if all goes to plan is)...

    7-7.30am - 8oz Bottle

    9.30-10 am- Breakfast, either Baby Rice & Fruit puree or Weetabix & Fruit,

    11.30am- 6oz Bottle

    1.30 pm- Lunch, Veg & Yoghurt

    3.30pm- 6 oz Bottle

    5.30pm - Tea Veg & fruit/yoghurt

    7.30-8pm- 8 oz Bottle

    I am now trying to reduce the amount of milk in two day bottles, and have been offering finger foods (toasts crusts & rice cakes, so far). I offer water @ meal times, but most goes down her front as she enjoys to spit it out! Also if i'm having a lazy day i will offer a jar, but she doesn't seem to like many, apart from the Hipp Organic ones.

    Isn't weaning such fun!! lol

  • Hiya Ellie is 6 months today and I started weaning her at 4 and 1/2 months. She soon got upto 3 meals aday but now shes back down to 2 although sometimes she will have 3 but our routines is roughly:

    7.30am 8oz Milk
    9.30am Porridge/weetabix (depends if she seems hungry)
    12 8oz Milk
    12-30pm 1/2pouch of Ella's Kitchen and yogurt
    4pm 8oz Milk
    5pm 1/2 pouch Ella's Kitchen and yogurt or fruit
    7.30pm 6oz bedtime milk or 8oz normal milk (depends on what she's had to eat and how hungry/tired she seems to which one she has) Oh and I offer water/juice at each meal and throughout the day she takes around 5 oz a day.

    Hope this helps, it's so difficult this weaning lark isn't it.

  • what does ur lo have with weetabix? formula milk?
    i still havent got my lo in a routine and just seem to be spending my days randomly giving him jars etc... :\(
  • I have been giving Ruby weetabix with her formula milk & mashed banana. I think (? not 100% positive) after 6 months they can have cows milk with cereal and in there food, but it should not be their main drink till after 12 months.


  • Hey. Looking at your routine, I think the best way to stop feeling like all you do is feed all day, is to perhaps reduce the bottles... maybe try and cut it down to 2 or 3. The guide amount is at least 18oz a day, so if you gave LO 3 7oz bottles or 2 9oz, you'd be giving more than enough milk and would free up some time. I gave my son 2 bottles from about 6 months, one when he got up and one at bedtime and put him on 3 good, solid meals and puds a day. It worked well and now he tends to eat when I do, which is great!

    He's coming up 10 months and our routine goes like this:

    6.00/6.30am - 8oz bottle
    9.00am - Breakfast, usually a fruity porridge, or weetabix and fruit
    12.30/1.00pm - Lunch. All sorts including cauli cheese, dairylea sandwiches, pasta, scrambled egg. Followed by a fruit, either fresh or a Hipp pot
    Sometimes I will offer a snack of a banana or rusk if he seems peckish mid afternoon, but he's usually fine till tea time at -
    5.00/5.30pm - Dinner. He will again have all sorts - if he can have what we're having, we tend to do that. Or I will make veggies, meat, baby gravy. He also likes fish (I buy 100% cod fish fingers and remove the fillet from the coating as 2 of them is the perfect portion size!), tatties and veg. Cottage pie, pasta and cheese... anything really! Usually followed by petite filous x2 or some more fruit.

  • Iv been weaning for about 3 weeks now and up to 3 meals a day, all going well this is my routine

    7.30ish - Porridge + 7oz milk
    11.30 - Sweet potato/butternut squash/ carrots&parsnip + 7oz milk
    3.30 - apple&pear + 7oz milk
    7pm - 7oz milk
    and finally the best bit, BED!

    Im worried im overfeeding him though as iv increased the amount of solids but he wont settle unless he has drained his bottle of milk and would drink more if there was any. Will he reduce his milk intake himself or should I reduce it now? He is 5 months but was 7 weeks premature and iv read that premmie babies can be really hungry babies to catch up.

    This weaning shennanegins is all a bit complicated!
  • Hi Jennie,

    I started weaning my lo around 21 wks and she is now coming up to 27 wks. She has 3 meals a day and is still breastfed. Our routine is taken roughly from the Gina Ford Weaning book, which I turned to as I had no idea:

    6.30/7am Breastfeed.

    8am Breakfast - usually 1-2 tbsp of cereal and 2 tbsp fruit.

    9am Nap after a little breast top up.

    11.15 am Short breast feed (5-10 mins) followed by lunch of usually around 6-7 cube/tbsp of veg and some protein. Water during lunch and then a small breastfeed top up for nap at 12.15ish.

    2.30pm Full Breast feed.

    4.15pm Offered some water or short breastfeed if hungry.

    5.30pm First breast followed by supper of about 5 tsp of baby rice with 2 tbsp of fruit or veg puree.

    Bath around 6.15 and second breast at about 6.30 before going down around 7pm.

    She still has a short dreamfeed at between 10.30 - 11pm.

    Hope that makes sense? It seems to suit her and some days we get a bit out but normally she doesn't mind.

    Good luck

  • Hi denise007

    I've only been weaning my LO for about 2 weeks now Hannah's nearly 6 months old and my feeding patteren is exactly the same as yours only done at different times! And I thought I wasn't feeding Hannah enough!!

    I'm currently using the little tubs you can buy from Mothercare for first stage weaning, filling them up with all the puree's i've made and freezing them. Is 1 tub per feed enough or should it be more? As for the cereal she's only having 2 teaspoons mixed with 6 teaspoons of formula and she's finding that just about enough.

    This weaning malarcy is sending me round the bend it's like having a new born again only trying to feed them goe! LOL

    Carolyn x

  • Hi...... Imogen is six months next week. I started weaning her at 15 weeks, she was a hungery girl!!
    Our routine is.....

    7am - porridge for breakfast - 4 oz of milk

    11am - 8oz bottle

    12.30 - Lunch - Yoghart

    15.30 - 8oz Bottle

    17.30 - Apple&pear or parsnip

    19.00 - 8oz bottle

    23.00 - 8oz Bottle

    Want to try and start and get rid of late night bottle now. But she wont quite make it!! xx
  • I weaned my baby at 4 months. He is now 6 months and his schedule is as follows:

    7am - 8oz bottle & porridge with fruit or sometimes just fruit

    11 / 11.30am - 6oz bottle then 2 tablespoons of vegetables
    or fruit.

    2.30pm - 7oz bottle

    5.30pm - 3 tablespoons of vegetables mixed with potato

    6.30pm - 8oz bottle.

    At the 11am feed, I only give half the bottle then the food and he will have more of the bottle after his solids but doesn't always finish it.

    After reading other comments, I think i will move his lunch to 12pm and offer him a drink and snack at around 10.30. Hopefully his 2.30 feed can be dropped and I can just offer him another drink and maybe a snack - it will save time making feeds up.
  • This weaning thing is doing me head in! i remember my lo being 16 weeks and i was excited about feeding him he didn't take to it so waited till 20 weeks and he's now 24 weeks and were still doing rubbish!

    at the mo i do this:

    6.30am 8oz bottle (keep him in bed with me begginh him to go back to sleep)
    9.30am ususally has a nap
    11.30am 8oz bottle and 2 x teaspoons of fruity breaky
    3.30pm 8oz bottle
    6pm 7oz bottle (doesn't always finish) rusk with formula tried pureed pear and its taken him 10 days to actually eat without gagging but still only having few mouthfuls, just tried carrot but sooo didn't go down well spat it out then sealed his mouth shut!
    7pm bath
    7.30pm 7oz bottle
    8pm bed

    can i ask did it take a while for your lo's to take to purees etc...?

  • hi all, my routine seems to be quite different hope im doing it right..she seems to sleep through the night with this routine so here goes;

    7-7.30am baby rice with mashed banana mixed with formula finished off with rest of bottle 6oz

    11.30am- 6-7oz bottle

    12-12.30pm- fruit pot

    3.30- dinner - anything from sweet pot/veg generally jars at the min till i discover what she likes then i can make it myself finished off with a fruit pot

    7pm- 6-7oz bottle then bed

    am i doing this right?
  • Hi lizzie is 5 months so a bit younger but we started weaning a bit earlier.
    her routine now is

    7:30- 8oz bottle with 1 tablespoon of porridge (using 8tps of her milk from the 8oz bottle she drinks the rest)

    12-12:30 fresh veg puree followed by fresh fruit puree (she refuses jars and stuff)

    4:30 fresh veg puree follwed agin by fresh fruit puree (she cant have yogurt as cmpi and li and cant use soya yogurts til 6 months!!)

    7.15- 8oz milk

    10-8oz milk sometimes she takes it all sometimes only 5oz.

    i think and hope this is ok as she takes at least 21oz of milk a day and i found that giving bottle at 10pm instead of putting it in at 3:30pm and dinner at 5:30 she sleeps better.
  • Jak is almost 7 months, he's on 3 meals a day as of a week ago, so we're still experimenting but so far it goes like this:

    7:30am 6oz bottle
    8:00am breaskfast (baby cereal/baby rice and fruit puree, etc.)
    11:30am 6oz bottle
    12:00pm lunch (things like chicken casserole, lentil & veg casserole/veggies, then fruit for pudding)
    3:30pm 6oz bottle
    4:00pm tea (veggies/fruit for pudding)
    6:30pm bedtime bottle
    7:00pm bedtime

    He has various finger foods with his meals, so he might gum a bit of toast to death with breakfast and then have things like steamed carrot sticks or parsnip (his fave) with lunch.

    Em x x x
  • hi, my son has just gone 6 months and he has 3 meals a day and 5 bottles. i am trying to cut out his night time bottle out by reducing the amount he has. we tried him last night giving him his night time bottle at 10.30 (4onzs) (usually has night time bottle at 12), he had 2 onzs and fell a sleep shortly after. i put him to bed and he kind of slept through, really only stirring for his dummy to be put in. so basically he slept from 11pm and i had to wake hm at 7.45am for his breakfast. he has his meals evry 4 hours:

    8am-breakfast and 4-6onz bottle

    12pm-dinner and 4 onz bottle

    4pm-tea and 4 onz bottle

    8pm-7onz bottle

    12am-4 onz bottle.

    am i doing this right as my health visitor was not much help as when i asked she tol me to carry on on and he will be fine-GREAT HELPimage

    any help and advise will be greatly appriciated
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