Which formula milk and why?

There's quite a few different formula milks out there and just wondered which ones you use and why? My lo is on Aptamil as it is what the hospital recommended when he was discharged.... But I think it's also the most expensive!?


  • Were on Cow & Gate because when my little one was born they took him off me to feed him they asked me if I wanted him on Cow & Gate or SMA - I didn't really know So the midwife told me that 'most mothers choose C&G as it's easier on LO tummy's' I just said okay... it suited him so we stuck with it! x'
  • My lo was on Aptimil too, think I picked that one because it said it was closest to breast milk as I bf her for 6 weeks or so before having to stop. It is the dearest though at nearly ??9 per tin of normal formula.
  • Cow & Gate for us! It's a well known brand thats been around ages, cheaper at ??6.98 a tub, and is easier on the tummy than SMA xx
  • we're using sma just because that's the only one i'd heard of :lol: me and my sister were both given sma and had no problems so just went with that! x
  • Cow and Gate as i am happy with their ethical policy regarding the distrabution of formula milk to developing countries. The advertising and encourgement of companys to get mothers to feed formula rather than breastfeed when clean water and sterilisation is unavailable has lead to the death of thousands of babies

  • Ellie has since been diagnosed with cows milk protein intolerance but for the frist 7.5 months she was on cow & gate. I don't know what it is but I don't like SMA i've heard so many conflicting reports about it so thought i'd stick with c&g! When we were in hospital and I was finding it impossible to bf they asked which formula I wanted and when I said c&g there's was tuts because it's more expensive than the sma bottles they had-would love to have seen if i'd asked for aptamil as it really is so expensive! xo
  • we're on cow and gate now. we started bf, then went on to sma but cameron became very colicy, so we went onto cow and gate comfort and from then onto cow and gate follow on milk! haha, we've had everything!
  • We chose Aptamil because it was recommended by the midwives in the special care unit where our LO stayed.
  • thomas was on cow and gate first milk but had to change him on to cow and gate comfort as the other one made his belly bad, i choose cow and gate coz i used it with mill and she was fine on it but when i was in hospital i just asked for anyone and MW give me that one, cow and gate comfort is also expensive ??9 in asda and ??10 in lloyds chemist x
  • To be honest I think it is a case of using whichever suits your LO. Yes the aptimil is dearer but if it's doing the trick then I wouldn't mess about trying to find a cheaper brand. I've used SMA & Aptimil (as my cousin gave me a tin) but I wouldn't switch otherwise.
  • Kelsie started off on C&G but we changed her too Heinz nuture due to C&G being out of stock EVERYWHERE. She stayed on this for about 5 months then we transferred back to C&G. She still has formula milk now and shes 17 months. Jack has C&G for 3 weeks but was still hungry even on hungry baby formula so we have out him on Heinz nuture now too and he'll stay on that til he's 18 months.

  • I combined breast and bottle from quite early on and was advised to use Aptimal as it was closest to breasst milk. We have so far used 1st, easy digest and hungry baby formula and no problems with Aptimal at all.
    I think it's made by same people as C&G so they are pretty similar. S x
  • Hi we use Hipp organic as its one of the few formula's that is suitable for vegetarians. Its also not the most expensive that also helps!! However the only drawback is that some places don't stock it.
  • i think that it depends on what suits ur lo, i tried lolah oln sma gold which made her really sick, tried her on aptimal easy digest which gave her diahorrea and now shes on aptimal1, its been the best one for her, but its been hard work trying to find 1 to suit her tummy. xxx
  • I started off with sma but the smell was foul so i switched to Aptimil that i saw a lot of people recommending on here. Not changed since and she's now on the aptimil follow on milk to go with her 3 meals a day.

    Lisa xxx
  • Aptimil was recommended to us when we were in hospital and had to use formula. We hadn't thought about formula at all and the nurse said it was the best one for combining with breast feeding as it's closest to breast milk.
  • I bf for 8 weeks and used SMA when i had to stop as was in hospital so OH bought the first tin he saw. Was good stuff for a few weeks but then had so many problems with bad egg batches and the company being a complete pain in the arse ('scuse the expression) so were using cow and gate now. Fantastic. Absolutely brilliant. Cheap too. Also keeping harry on the 1+ milk for a while as he only has one bottle at bedtime and its quite nice for him to have it.

    Vvvv highly recommended xx
  • Hi my 3 were all on c&g as thats what i was offered at the hospital when i had my first ellie 6 yrs ago then just gave the boys it as ellie was ok with it but had to change james on to c&g comfort at about 5 weeks as he had really bad colic and the hv recommended it but is more expensive that the others but it worked wonders so i would of paid anything lol
    vikki xx
  • evie is on cow and gate. when i was struggling to bf and was talking to my mw about bottle feeding she said to use cow and gate so we did! evie is fine, she's thriving and is a lovely happy 6 week old baby! xxxx
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