best place to buy nursing bras

hi everyone, i hope your little ones are all doing well

i'm in the last few weeks of my pregnancy now and want to get some nursing bras so that breastfeeding is a bit easier. do any of you have recommendations of where i can get good bras for a decent price either shop or website because some seem stupidly expensive.



  • i found the most comfy mothercare, i had some form m&s but for me they lacked support x
  • I got a couple from Bravissimo just to be getting on with, then got most of mine from this place They're great as you can buy in lots of different sizes and just return the ones you don't need/don't fit and postage is free so you can exchange as many times as you need to get the right size. They also stock underwire nursing bras which have been a must for me as I need the support! It beats trying to fit in to a changing room with your pram too!

  • piggypops, I found it the other way round! I loved M & s bra's.
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