She is point blank refusing the boob at some feeds????

Hi Girls,

My lo is 10 weeks and 3 days old and she has started, over the last few days, to refuse the breast! She just screams when I put her too it, I have checked her mouth and no white bits at all so couldnt be thrush, my boobs are fine too, not sore at all. What could it be?? I had to give her formula. I just didnt know what to do yesterday she cried and cried until my hubby gave her 4oz of formula. I sat in the toilet and cried my eyes out as I dont want to give up, I am too bloody stubborn! lol!!

So she will take it now and again - any ideas ladies?? I posted on here about my super fast let down relex and too much milk, could this be why, as its started to regulate and doesnt spurt as hard as it used too (still goes for it though).

Any advice/ideas would be fab, thanks girls.

Amy xxxx


  • hey,

    didn't want to r & r. though don't know what to suggest! Keep trying by offering her the breast, if she refuses it then express that feed so that you still make that feed and keep up your supply - you'll then have that milk to give her in a bottle if needed.

    I do find that my lo prefers my left breast! She'll keep crying on the right sometimes but is fine with left.

    I guess she could also be teething and by the time you give her a bottle she is so hungry she gives in - maybe try some teething powder?

    hope it improves and try not to e too upset - your lo could be picking up on your tention when you try to feed her which would make it all worse!
  • My lo does this sometimes too, especially on one side -little monster!

    Most of the time I usually have to resort to giving him formula too. I find he normally does it when I think my supply is a bit low. Sometimes I can get him to feed by distracting him till he has stopped crying, then getting a booby out and bringing him down my body rather than towards it - hope that makes sense?

    The other time is when he is teething - but, your lo sounds a bit young for this? Might be worth trying a bit of teething gel before a feed if only to rule it out?

    Keep perservering - try to keep expressing when she won't feed to keep your supply going and hopefully she will soon be happily feeding again.

    Also, keep a slow teat on her bottle so she doesn't get lazy
  • She might just be feeling under the weather and I would check her gums again to see if they are hard. In the mean time try expressing your milk so at least she is still getting the goodness from you.
    Thats all I can offer but I hope it helps

    Lucie xx
  • She is dribbling quite a lot and chewing her hands so maybe she is teething, her cheeks are a bit red too, can she really be teething this early?? I have been using about one bottle of formula a day maybe 2 if she just wont exept it, she took 5oz the other day, the most she has ever taken.

    I just tried tp express and only got one ounce, it feels like its gone from one extreme to the other really and I may have to wean her of the boob onto formula if it makes her and me happier.

    Thanks for the advice,

    Amy xxxx
  • hey,

    you do have to do the right thing that makes you and your lo happier. I don't think though that you can judge how much your lo gets by expressing - babies can get the milk out better than a pump!

    yes, she can be teething - a dental person did a talk about teeth at my postnatal group. Teeth can move a little bit lots of times before it starts to show and it can happen at any time!!
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