Discussing lo No2!

OH surprised me earlier tonite by talking about trying for our 2nd baby! He's been very wary about the subject due to his chronic illness, my pnd (which is much better), and his job situation (eg no job after May). Other than that we are fine.....!

So we've decided to try later on this year into early next year (depending on how long it takes of course)!
I would like a summer baby though as Charlotte a winter one (January).

Feel happy (but a bit scared) lol!! ;\)


  • WOW thats lovely news hun and lovely that oh brought up the suggestion my oh does it every so often and it always suprises me! We'd LOVE another bubs but not till next year-mind I need to get on as I'm no spring chick! Good luck x
  • Yeah I'm 34 in September and he's 40 in a couple of years so that's another factor in our decision.
  • Great news - come and join me in Pregnancy lol!
  • how exciting!! what a fun time! xxx
  • Since I had Charlotte my PCOS hasn't returned which is fab. I am now having 30 day cycles instead of very erratic ones (40 day, 60 days, none for 6 months)!! So hopefully wont take 14 mnths this time!! Hubby might have to work away in London again though which is a bit of a pain - but we managed it last time when he was away. Although we most probably conceived on our wedding anniversary when I went to visit him in his flat in London for a few days! We made up for lost time - lol!!!!!

    Think we might have regretted our decision last night though when Charlotte kept us up for 3 hours (or rather me)!!
  • Her molars are coming thru - all 4 of them - so can't really blame her.
  • How exciting! Good to have a plan for the 2nd isn't it! Ideally we're thinking of ttcto have a summer baby next year........

    fingers crossed that things happen more easily for you this time.
  • im so chuffed for you. we have said that we will start tryin again at the start of next year. which is exciting but we need a bigger house 1st so fin may be 2 before we start tryin again. hope things are a bit easier this time.xxx
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