any ideas?

what this could be? Daisy has spots under her skin if you know what i mean. mainly on arms legs and face . they are not coloured , well they are whitish but not red in any way she has had them since saturday . my dad said its a heat rash but i dont think so it doesnt go away its always there and she s not been hot.


  • no its not bothering her doesnt itch and hard to explain as it doesnt look like a rash. i havnt done tumbler test cus you know if you had a hard spot on your face not a white head but under the skin or around your eyes i think its been called a calcium spot they are like that so not rash like or worrying just wondered if anyone else had experienced it. friday is baby clinic day havnt been for 5 months cus cant bear the hv s but i might take her get her weighed and mention it. god i hope shes not lacking in anything i bet she is i bet i get a bollocking cus shes not having enough of blah blah blah lol x
  • Carrie has a little bit like this in the folds at the front of her ankles - I thought it was just a bit dry - although it is bumpy and not flaky - but it wasnt very white.
    I'm a great believer in asking the HV's - that's what they're for - but I've been lucky and always quite liked mine - I hate to hear of them upsetting Mummies cos thats not their job.
    If you don't like the HV's I'd bypass them and ask to make an appointment with a doctor - at the surgeries we've been registered with there's always one who specialises in children.
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