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HELLO ALL! listen i have a bit of a strange request, anyone on BE who is on my face book from now on could you please not mention anything about BE on my wall, private chat and private messages are fine tho, just please please not on my wall, as there is someone on my FB now that i dont want knowing i come on here and gate crashing with her mother all knowing attitude so far no one has mentioned BE on my wall yet so thats good, hope no one thinks im being silly or rude but i just really dont want her knowing im on here. hope u understand. thanks guys lots of love! xxx


  • Thats fine hun. I was pissed off when mil requested me on facebook. We don't get on and she's forever commenting on things I put on there. I just feel like shes watching my every move!
  • exactly! just dont want her on my turf thats all! lol xxx
  • Don't blame you.. if my inlaws ever try and friend me on fb I'll be ignoring them!

    You can block people from seeing specific parts of fb... but I tried it and it didn't work so I'm waiting to hear from their tech people to fix it! If I ever figure it out I'll let you know image
  • ok,thanks its not an in law but just someone i dont really like that
  • just wanna bump this up to the top so its not missed xxx
  • Is it that woman who tells lies about you and your lo you mentioned? Sounds like a right nutter! I don't really write on walls, just chat or msg. She can't see those right? x
  • no she cant thank god and yes,,,same person, thanks guys! xxx
  • ok hun no probs, xxxx
  • Why don't you change your privacy settings for those you don't want to see too much of. You can make it so that the people or person you choose cannot see your wall and wouldn't have to worry about it. They wouldn't know that you had done and it beats nosey people making comments.
  • ooo i hadnt thought of that! can i select specifically her?
  • Thats the bit I was on about..the privacy settings.. facebook tech replied to me and said it was broken and they were working on it!
  • Just to let you know I've had an email back from facebook and they have fixed the privacy setting.. just tested it and all you do is go into 'customise' then type the name of the person who you want to block and it shows up.
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